Tropical Storm Bertha Forms in the Atlantic
August 1st, 2014
09:56 AM ET

Tropical Storm Bertha Forms in the Atlantic

Last night, the low pressure being monitored for the past several days developed into the second tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, Tropical Storm Bertha.

Bertha will reach Barbados and the Lesser Antilles through today and could bring as much as 6" of rain for the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands today and tomorrow.

The forecast track brings the path of Bertha close to the US mainland before turning the storm before making landfall.

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July 14th, 2014
12:14 PM ET

Where's Summer? A Cold Weather Blast in July

One of the hottest months of the year will receive a dose of cold weather this week in parts of the country.

An unseasonable dip in the jet stream will usher chilly air in the Midwest early this week and reach parts of the Northeast and South by Wednesday.

Parts of the Upper Midwest will dive into the 40's.

Temperatures will be 10-20° below average for this time of year.

Ahead of the cold air, strong storms will bring heavy rain to parts of the Northeast.

CNN's Jennifer Gray explores the impacts of the July chill in the video above.

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April 29th, 2014
01:13 PM ET

Deep South in Bulls-Eye For Storm

From Missouri to New York, Michigan to Florida, forecasters urged millions of Americans to keep an eye on the weather Tuesday, warning of tornadoes, high winds and hail spawned by the storm system that's killed 29 people in the last two days.

A slow moving system has impacted the country since Sunday.

See CNN's Indra Petersons full report on the storms above.



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April 23rd, 2014
11:55 AM ET

Currents Present Search Challenges for MH370

With a report of potential debris spotted a thousand miles away from the current MH370 underwater search area, questions arise about what's next in the hunt for the for missing Malaysia Flight 370.

Tropical cyclones could have had an impact on the movement of debris from a crash site, including strong Tropical Cyclone Gillian and the recent remnants of Tropical Cyclone Jack, reports CNN's Chad Myers.

On top of these systems, ocean currents and eddies can move debris erratically and scatter for long distances.

Watch Myers and Michaela Pereira explore what this new information means to what we already know so far about the search above.

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