November 19th, 2013
04:38 PM ET

KING: GOP and State Politicians ‘Not Always on Same Planet’

John King joined Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan this morning to discuss Chris Christie’s comments at the Wall Street Journal CEO council event Monday evening in Washington DC regarding the GOP identity and winning elections.

Last night at the event, Christie touted a “winning formula” that he claims can attract voters from all bases. "In other words, the better you do, the more voters you attract, the more diverse voters you attract, the more suspect you are," Christie said. "There is a winning formula, let me tell you."

This morning on CNN’s New Day, John King argued that party identity is also a key factor in winning elections.

“Bill Clinton ran after Walter Mondale lost 49 states, saying ‘You have to move the democrats back to the center. You have to be a different kind of democrat.’ He changed his party. The republicans are going through the same soul searching now, saying, ‘Who do we want to be?” King said.

At the event, Christie made it clear that he doesn’t feel pressured to be someone who he isn’t to win elections. "I don't feel like I have any fence-mending to do or anything like that … I am going to be me. And if I ever decide to run for anything again, if being me isn't good enough, then fine, I will go home. This isn't my whole life."

John King acknowledged that while Christie did win and “win big” amongst many voting demographics, his race is just one amongst “a great laboratory next year.”

“Look at the governor races around the country in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, A lot of governors are going to get a chance to say, ‘This is how we can do things differently,’ but the National Republican Party and some of the state politicians are sometimes not always on the same planet,” King said.

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