July 11th, 2014
12:37 PM ET

5 Things You Might Not Know About Prince George

Editor's note: For a special look at Prince George's world, watch "The Little Prince" Friday at 10 p.m. ET with CNN's Kate Bolduan

Believe it or not, it has been almost a year since the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis, the son of Britain's Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton. The baby is third in line to the British throne, behind his father and his grandfather, Prince Charles.

Ahead of his first birthday on July 22, here are five interesting things you might not know about the royal tyke.

1. Baby George had a low-key birth, relatively speaking.

As the Duchess of Cambridge went into labor, Prince William drove her to the hospital in an unmarked minivan - with minimal security and without a royal entourage - from Kensington Palace to the back entrance of Saint Mary's Hospital. Even more down-to-earth? The announcement of Prince George's birth first came through e-mail and Twitter. It was truly a digital moment, according to CNN's Max Foster, who reported live from the hospital that day. The duchess, with Prince William present, delivered the baby boy at 4:24 p.m. He weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces. The couple later announced he would be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

2. His early days were not spent at the royal palace.

Despite the tradition that royal newborns spend their first days inside palace walls, Prince George spent his at the duchess' family home in the village of Bucklebury. The decision was reportedly met with protest from the highest ranks in the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II. Though there was a colossal security presence outside the home, inside it remained just the family. Kate's mother, Carole Middleton, took on the all-important role of royal nanny while her father, Michael, became the royal photographer. But the intimate family setting did not last long - Prince William was back to work with the Royal Air Force by August 15.

3. Prince George has a special connection with Princess Diana.

Prince George's christening was held on October 23 at the Chapel Royal at St. James's Palace. That location was no coincidence; it was where the body of Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, lay at rest in the days leading up to her funeral in 1997. The event also set the stage for the epic portrait of Queen Elizabeth and her three direct heirs, Princes Charles, William and George. It was the first time a reigning Queen and three generations of heirs were photographed together in more than 100 years.

4. He has a supernanny.

While Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are busy with royal obligations, Prince George is cared for by what some would call a supernanny. Spanish-born Maria Teresa Turrion Borallo was trained at the prestigious and selective Norland College in England, which specializes in training nannies. There she learned everything from basic child care to defensive driving and even self-defense. This nanny not only has to handle diaper changes, she also has to worry about potential kidnap attempts and invasive paparazzi. ūüôā

5. In his first year, he's embarked on an international tour and made quite the fashion statement.

Prince George has had a lot of firsts this year, and many of them were in the public eye. The royal baby tagged along in April with his mom and dad on their first family trip abroad in New Zealand and Australia. The 9-month-old followed in the footsteps of his father, who was the first heir to be brought along on a royal trip at such a young age when his own parents toured Australia and New Zealand in 1983.

After his overseas adventures, the public saw Prince George once again on Father's Day. But instead of the spotlight shining on his doting dad it was once again on baby George, who took his first steps in public, carefully holding on to his mom for balance. Not only that, the overalls he was wearing immediately sold out worldwide.

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December 13th, 2013
10:23 AM ET

National Zoo Under Fire Over Animal Care

The National Zoo in Washington is under fire this morning after several of the zoo's animals have died there recently.

‚ÄúOn Wednesday, it was an¬†endangered horse which rammed¬†into a fence inside its barn.¬†Both a gazelle and antelope-like¬†animal broke their necks the¬†same way.¬†And a hog died from possible¬†malnutrition,‚ÄĚ CNN's Chris Lawrence reports.

Now two internal reports suggest the other animals there could also be at risk.

‚ÄúThe¬†congressional committee that¬†oversees the national zoo is now¬†going to take a look into¬†whether budget cuts have¬†compromised the zoo's ability to¬†care for these animals,‚ÄĚ Lawrence says.

‚ÄúCritics say the zoo simply has¬†too many animals but some zoo¬†officials are pushing back on¬†that, saying that, basically,¬†they've already implemented a¬†lot of the changes that those¬†investigators recommended and¬†they point to fact that not only¬†were they re-accredited just a¬†few months ago, they also passed¬†an inspection by the Department¬†of Agriculture.‚ÄĚ

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December 13th, 2013
10:23 AM ET

College Hazing Investigation, Charges Expected in Death of 19-Year-Old

Charges are expected in the death of a New York City college student who was injured during a fraternity ritual on a trip to Pennsylvania, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Monroe County District Attorney E. David Christine told CNN that criminal charges were likely in connection with the death of Baruch College freshman Chun "Michael" Deng, 19, who died Monday during a fraternity weekend trip to the Poconos, reports CNN's Fred Pleitgen.

The level of charges and who specifically will be charged is not clear, Christine said.

The Pi Delta Psi fraternity was conducting a ritual outdoors for new pledges called the "glass ceiling," according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by CNN.

The objective was for Deng, who was blindfolded and wearing a backpack filled with a 20-pound bag of sand, to navigate toward someone who was calling for him "while other fraternity brothers physically prevent that from happening," witnesses said, according to the affidavit.

Deng fell backward, struck his head and was unconscious and unresponsive immediately after he fell, the document states.

Other members of the fraternity told authorities they saw Deng get pushed but did not see who did it because it was dark in the yard of the residence where the ritual took place, the affidavit said.

Deng was then carried inside and placed by a fire because his body was cold and wet from the conditions outside. Deng remained unconscious while members of the fraternity researched his symptoms online and found the closest hospital, according to the affidavit.

"A minimum of at least two hours went by before he actually received any type of medical care," said Pocono Mountain Regional Police Chief Harry Lewis.

He was unresponsive and in critical condition upon his arrival at the hospital. Physicians determined Deng had suffered major brain trauma, and he was put on life support, according to the district attorney's office.

The affidavit states that physicians discovered a set of fresh scratches and some bruising on Deng's knees. His skull was not fractured, and he had little swelling to the back of his head. Doctors also noted that the toxicology and alcohol tests were negative.

Physicians later determined Deng was brain dead and required a breathing machine to be kept alive.

Authorities said more than 30 members of fraternity Pi Delta Psi had traveled to a residence in the Pocono Mountains, roughly 90 miles away from New York City, for the weekend.

Some fraternity members left the residence before police arrived, Lewis said. Police are "looking for them and hoping they will come forward with any information."

In a statement Thursday, Pi Delta Psi Fraternity Inc. said it was "immediately suspending all new member education nationwide until further notice."

The fraternity will also conduct a full investigation into Deng's death, the statement said.

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December 5th, 2013
09:54 AM ET

Funerals Begin for Train Crash Victims as Investigation Continues

Two passengers on the Metro-North train that derailed in New York have filed a notice of claim against the commuter railroad, an initial step in a lawsuit seeking damages in connection with the accident.

Four people died and 67 others were injured in the crash. "The families of those killed in  Sunday's derailment in the Bronx began laying their loved ones to rest today," reports CNN's Nic Robertson.

The NTSB, meanwhile, has booted the rail union from its investigation into the derailment for violating confidentiality rules.

The agency made the announcement late Tuesday night, hours after a union representative told CNN the train engineer apparently "was nodding off and caught himself too late" before the accident.

In its announcement, the NTSB specifically cited those comments as the violation.

Anthony Bottalico, the union representative, told CNN that engineer William Rockefeller Jr. recognizes his responsibility in the incident.

"I think most people are leaning towards human error," Bottalico said.

Rockefeller's lawyer, Jeffrey Chartier, characterized what happened as "highway hypnosis." He said his client had had a full night's sleep before the crash and had no disciplinary record.

On Wednesday, Chartier said his client never blamed the accident on faulty brakes, disputing earlier statements attributed to Rockefeller.

"Prosecutors are not saying whether it could lead to criminal charges, waiting for the NTSB investigation," Robertson says.

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