January 5th, 2014
11:41 AM ET

New York Governor Likely to Loosen Marijuana Laws

New York is set to become the latest state to open the door for medical marijuana, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo to take executive action to let select hospitals dispense it to certain patients, according to two advocates briefed on the plan.

State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, who has been a leading proponent of more comprehensive legislation for medical marijuana in New York, said he learned about the executive action in a conversation Saturday afternoon with members of the governor's staff.

It paves the way for a "limited and cumbersome program," but nonetheless is a step forward on the issue, according to Gottfried.

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November 7th, 2013
10:56 AM ET

911 Tapes Tell of New Jersey Mall Terror

When a gunman opened fire at a sprawling New Jersey mall, sheer panic erupted. Shoppers begged police officers to rescue them while others whispered into phones, terrified the gunman was nearby.

911 tapes released Wednesday tell of fast-spreading fear among shoppers as a gunman fired Monday night. Shortly after, he fatally shot himself.

"There's somebody shooting!" a voice screeches in the 911 tapes released by the Bergen County Police Department. The tapes were obtained by CNN affiliate, WABC.

"I'm scared and I want to get out the mall," another caller told dispatchers.

"The cops, I can see the cops from the door ... is there any way you could reach one of the them and they could come in and get me?"

Others, scared the gunman was closing in, whispered to dispatchers.

"I don't hear any sirens here so please hurry."

More than 100 shoppers sought protection shortly after shots rang out.

"Somebody is shooting up Garden State Plaza right now, I am in the bathroom," one caller says.

The gunman, Richard Shoop, later shot himself in the head, authorities say. There were no other casualties.

Shoop's body was found early Tuesday in a back area of the mall hours after he fired at least six bullets without striking anyone in the massive shopping center. He acted alone, authorities say.


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