November 3rd, 2014
09:57 AM ET

Halloween Horror Cruise

Cruise passengers got a big scare on Halloween when their ship was at sea and hit something, causing it to lose power.

"We all thought it was prank 'cause it was Halloween," one man said.

Everyone was forced to evacuate, but not before waiting around for hours without any food or water.

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October 29th, 2014
11:25 AM ET

Will it Matter if Ferguson Police Chief Resigns?

What difference will it make in Ferguson, MO if police chief Thomas Jackson resigns? None at all, says CNN Legal Analyst Mel Robbins.

“What the folks that are protesting are upset about is that there hasn’t been an indictment.”

CNN Law Enforcement Analyst and former FBI Assistant Director Tom Fuentes agrees.

“Whether he resigns, or is fired, won’t matter at the end of the day if Wilson isn’t arrested, prosecuted and jailed for shooting Michael Brown. Nothing less will appease anybody.”

Fuentes says police should be preparing for violence around the country if Wilson isn’t indicted.

“They better be stocking up because they’ve been told this is going to happen.”

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Ryan Lewis asks: What does Ryan Lewis do?
June 6th, 2014
07:07 AM ET

Ryan Lewis asks: What does Ryan Lewis do?

It's been a good week for viral videos – so much for us to laugh at and laugh with! And maybe a couple of "awwww" moments, too.

Did we miss one? Share your favorite with us using the hashtag #NewDay! Maybe it will pop up on our Tumblr.

5. One giant surprise on a plane
Or maybe we should say, a bunch of little surprises? Watch as one woman gets proposed to and married, all within a few minutes. Oh, and it's on a plane.

4. Cuddling with a shark
Move along, nothing to see here – it's just a woman with a shark in her lap. Stuff you see every day.

3. Seniors get creative with their prank
High school students in Santa Barbara didn't skip school or put a bunch of animals in a classroom for their senior prank. Instead, they hired a mariachi band to follow the principal around all day.

2. Who is Ryan Lewis?
He's one-half of "Macklemore and Ryan Lewis." You knew that, right? But what does he actually do? The man himself tried to find out.

1. Obama's workout
Thanks to this video, now most of us know that we can lift heavier weights than the leader of the free world.

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Keep Your Day Job, 50 Cent
May 30th, 2014
09:41 AM ET

Keep Your Day Job, 50 Cent

Our viral video picks are all in good fun this week! Let us know your favorite on Twitter with #NewDay and follow our Tumblr page to get the best of the best throughout the week.

5. Cat allergies
No, I’m not referring to a person being allergic to a cat. I’m referring to a cat being allergic to … who knows what. Either way, its sneezes are adorable.

4. Tennis player shares a seat with ballboy
Tennis pro Novak Djokovic is a really nice guy. So nice that he invited the ballboy holding an umbrella over his head to have a seat and a drink.

3. Kids invent a new game
It’s called “Throw Your Brother Down the Stairs in a Box.” And whoever is taping approves. (Don’t worry, the kid is okay!)

2. Bill Murray’s speech to a bachelor party
Murray wasn’t there with the party but he was certainly willing to lend his thoughts on whether you should really marry someone. I wonder if he gave the bachelor any second thoughts?

1. 50 Cent’s terrible opening pitch
Is he really that bad at pitching or did he just want to make some headlines? Either way, he won, because we were all talking about this.


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