June 5th, 2014
02:19 PM ET

P90X Founder Gives President Obama 'Solid B' for his Workout

A candid video of President Barack Obama during his trip to Poland is attracting both criticism and praise - and has nothing to do with his foreign policy.

Someone in the Marriott hotel gym captured every grunt and stretchof Obama working out in Warsaw, then leaked the video.

While some were shocked the Secret Service didn't keep the individual from shooting the video and others bashed Obama's form, at least one fitness guru is giving the President strong marks on his workout, and some advice.

"In general, his form is pretty good," P90X founder Tony Horton said Thursday on CNN's New Day. "I'd give him a solid B-plus, maybe an A-minus."

Horton, whose workout has been adopted by Reps. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, and Aaron Schock, R-Illinois, advised the President to "breathe a little bit more," but said he was glad Obama decided to hit the gym while abroad.

"I'm just thrilled that our President shows up to Poland and ends up doing a workout for a half an hour before going to bed instead of grabbing a Scotch and a cigarette," Horton said.

Comments online ran the gamut, as some Twitter users knocked the weight of the President's dumbbells while others cheered him for staying active.



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