December 19th, 2013
10:03 AM ET

3-Year-Old Gets First-Ever 5-Organ Transplant

It's being called a holiday miracle.  A three year-old boy in Florida survived a five-organ transplant.

“After a six hour procedure, Adonis now has a new liver…pancreas…stomach…and small and large intestine,” CNN's Nick Valencia reports.

Little Adonis was born with a condition where his intestines protruded through his abdomen, so he underwent several surgeries to fix it, but that resulted in his other organs failing.

That's what caused the need for the multi-organ transplant.

Doctors say they expect he'll make a fully recovery after all he has been through.

Arecelis Ortiz, Adonis' mom, says "He's really strong. After all his surgeries he comes out with a smile. And I'm like 'how do you come out with a smile?' I'm like they just chopped you up."

Valencia reports the boy's family in Tampa, Florida, eagerly awaits his return home between January and February.

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