March 11th, 2014
11:27 AM ET

In Some San Francisco Bars, Google Glass is Banned

I'm conducting a social experiment, exploring the streets of San Francisco with a pair of Google Glass,  the $1,500 dollar wearable computer with a built in camera.

Most people are just curious, but one guy is not happy to see me.

"Google Glasses are about to go in the garbage," he says.

Then he curses. "They're non privacy..they're EXPLETIVE interrupting the world."

The exchange happened in the city's famed Haight Ashbury district.

The same area where resident Sarah Slocum ran into some trouble because she says she was wearing Google Glass.

Inside a bar called Molotovs, Slocum says she turned on the camera when things turned nasty.

"I never experienced any animosity from wearing Google Glass and it completely took me off guard."

The late night  confrontation was apparently part of an angry backlash against Silicon Valley  employees who some say are driving up rent prices in an already expensive market.

Though Slocum doesn't even work for a technology company, several San Francisco bars, including Molotovs, have now banned the use of Google Glass because of concerns about privacy.

Unlike a smartphone, it's not exactly clear when someone is recording with the new technology.

What do you think about Google Glass? Let us know in the comments below.

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January 15th, 2014
06:24 AM ET

Asiana Crash Video: Firefighters Saw Injured Girl Before She Was Run Over

Teenager Ye Meng Yuan didn't die from a plane crash at San Francisco International Airport last July. She actually survived the impact - only to die shortly later when a fire truck ran over her.

Now, newly released video obtained by CBS suggests emergency workers saw Ye's injured body on the ground before she was fatally struck - challenging earlier claims that she was accidentally run over because she may have been covered in firefighting foam.

In the footage, one firefighter tried to stop an emergency vehicle racing toward the scene.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop, stop, stop! There's a body ... there's a body right there. Right in front of you," the firefighter told the driver.

The video was captured on a camera attached to a firefighter's helmet. CBS said it obtained the footage from a source close to Ye's family.

Another video from a fire truck shows a firefighter on the ground directing the truck around a victim, who was not covered in foam at the time.

Ye was eventually run over by a fire truck, San Francisco Fire Department Chief Joanne Hayes-White said last July.

"I particularly want to express our condolences and apologies to the family of Ye Meng Yuan," the chief said. "We're heartbroken. We're in the business of saving lives ... There's not a lot of words to describe how badly we feel about it."

A California coroner ruled that Ye was alive when flung from the plane but died of "multiple blunt injuries that are consistent with being run over by a motor vehicle."

"Those injuries she received, she was alive at the time," San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault said.

The 16-year-old girl's parents have filed a claim against the city and county of San Francisco, saying emergency responders "were grossly negligent."

Attorneys for Ye's family say emergency workers who spotted Ye on the ground "failed to move her to a safe location, failed to mark her location; failed to protect her from moving vehicles in the vincinity of the Aircraft where it was known that vehicles would be traveling; failed to alert commanders at the scene; and/or abandoned Ye Meng Yuan in a perilous location."

A court may eventually have to decide whether fire crews in the video were negligent and should be held accountable for the girl's death.

The San Francisco Fire Department has not responded to CNN's request for comment. CBS said the fire department wouldn't comment on their report due to pending litigation.

Two other people died when Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash-landed at the San Francisco airport. The National Transportation Safety Board said the jet descended in altitude faster than it should have, and had a slower forward speed than intended.

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January 3rd, 2014
09:44 AM ET

Suspect Released From Jail Just Hours Before Murder

Authorities have nabbed a man they believe killed a Roman Catholic priest during a "violent struggle" in a Northern California church rectory, police said.

The suspect, Gary Lee Bullock, was arrested early Thursday afternoon in the southern part of Humboldt County near Garberville, said Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills.

"There's no question in our mind he's responsible for this heinous act," Mills told CNN's Jake Tapper, citing evidence recovered at the crime scene and interviews with eyewitnesses allegedly linking Bullock to the death of the Rev. Eric Freed.

Hours earlier, Mills announced that an arrest warrant had been issued for the 43-year-old Bullock and asked for the public's help in tracking him down as well as a 2010 Nissan hybrid belonging to the slain priest.

Freed's body was found inside the rectory of Eureka's St. Bernard Church having suffered "blunt force trauma."

His gruesome death was ruled a homicide by the county coroner on Thursday and a full autopsy was set for Saturday.

The case rattled many in and around the North Coast city whether they were members of the parish where Freed served, part of the nearby public university where he taught or from the community at large.

"Eric knew as well as anybody just how senseless violence could be," said Wiliam Herbrechtsmeier, a professor at Humboldt State University, where Freed was a lecturer. "When a fine person like him is brought down - that's just tragic."

Mills said Thursday that authorities still didn't have a motive for the killing, speculating it was likely "a crime of opportunity."

"To me, why is the biggest thing that we would like to establish - to bring a sense of ease and comfort to the community," the police chief said. "But right now, I'm just glad that this incident is done, it is over with, he's in custody (and) the public can take a deep breath."

John Chiv said that he and other St. Bernard parishioners are shocked and "angry" about Freed's death, adding, "It's hard to feel Christian because ... it was brutal."

Said Chiv of a man he described as "very jovial, ... very accessible (and) very loving": "We lost a pastor, we lost a friend and, for many of us, he was like a father figure."

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October 10th, 2013
09:46 AM ET

Woman Found Dead In Hospital Stairwell Believed To Be Missing Patient

She checked herself into a hospital weeks ago for a bladder infection. But nobody could've predicted it would end like this.

When Lynne Spalding went missing from San Francisco General Hospital, her friends frantically searched and left messages on a Facebook page to keep each other hopeful. On Tuesday, the messages on the "Find Lynne" Facebook pageturned from hope to anger.

A body was found in an exterior stairwell of the hospital, and the San Francisco Sheriff's Department says it is believed to be Spaldingalso known as Lynne Ford.

"While the medical examiner will make the final determination of identity, we have enough information at this time to conclude it is Ms. Spalding Ford," according to a joint statement released by the sheriff's department and the hospital.

"... Her disappearance has ended tragically and at this time we do not know what happened."


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