10 Things You Didn't Know About Christi Paul
June 14th, 2014
02:53 AM ET

10 Things You Didn't Know About Christi Paul

Christi Paul is co-anchor of "New Day Weekend" alongside Victor Blackwell Saturdays and Sundays at 6 am ET.

Christi was the final anchor to be named to the "New Day" team– but she is no stranger to the show or CNN. Christi has been an anchor and correspondent for HLN and CNN since 2003. She is a best-selling author and a very talented singer, but we bet these are 10 things even her super fans might not know about her:

1. I was an intern at Entertainment Tonight

2. I have sung the National Anthem for the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers and Arizona Diamondbacks

3. I ran a half-marathon a couple of years ago

4. I'm only 5' 3"! I always get the, 'you're much shorter than you look on TV...'

5. I once had a side job as a magicians assistant after college– don't make the mistake of thinking that the magician does all of the hard work!

6. I am a mom to three daughters, two dogs, two chickens and three beehives

7. I competed in Miss Ohio and fell off of the stage– where I learned the pivotal lesson that 'it's not important how many times you fall, what matters is that you get back up'– I just learned it literally

8. I've been a bridesmaid 13 times!

9. My first job in television news was as a main anchor/reporter/photographer AND editor in West Virginia and I made $12,000 a year

10. My Czech mother-in-law spent many nights drinking and trying to teach me to curse in Czech



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