January 15th, 2014
05:16 AM ET

5 Things to Know for Your New Day - Wednesday, January 15

Shootings in a school and in a movie theater have left Americans shaken again, new helmet cam video reveals how rescue vehicles ran over a survivor of the Asiana Airlines crash, and same-sex marriage could become OK in Oklahoma after a new court ruling.

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of "5 Things to Know for Your New Day."


After survival, tragedy: Teenager Ye Meng Yuan didn't die from a plane crash at San Francisco International Airport last July. She actually survived the impact, only to die shortly after when a fire truck ran over her. Now, newly released helmet cam video obtained by CBS suggests emergency workers saw Ye's injured body on the ground before she was fatally struck, challenging earlier claims that she was accidentally run over because she may have been covered in firefighting foam. In the footage, one firefighter tried to stop an emergency vehicle racing toward the scene. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop, stop, stop! There's a body ... there's a body right there. Right in front of you," the firefighter told the driver.

Look for the new video on CNN's "New Day."

Dan Simon shows the new, revealing video at 6, 7 and 8.


May not have been the first time: The texting dispute that turned deadly inside a Florida cinema apparently wasn't the first run-in that suspect Curtis Reeves had at a movie theater.  Another moviegoer told prosecutors that the 71-year-old former Tampa cop saw her texting and "glared at her the entire time throughout the movie" about three weeks ago. When the woman took a restroom break, Reeves followed her and "made her very uncomfortable," prosecutors said. The woman said she first heard about Monday's shooting on the radio while she was driving. "I had to pull over the car because ... it could have been us," she told CNN affiliate WTSP. "It was just so close to home."

Martin Savidge talks about the case at 6 and 7.


Stay home: The 12-year-old boy who allegedly opened fire inside a crowded gym with a shotgun may have warned some students not to go to school before the attack.  Students streamed out of Berrendo Middle School in Roswell, New Mexico, yesterday, sobbing and terrified after the shotgun blasts wounded two classmates. One of them, a 13-year-old girl, was operated on and is in stable condition. An 11-year-old boy is in critical condition with wounds to his head and neck. The shooting stopped when a teacher walked up to the preteen and talked him into putting the gun down.

Stephanie Elam talks about a tragedy that could have been worse at 6, 7 and 8. We hear from a shocked parent at 7 and get some background from HLN legal analyst Joey Jackson at 8.

Teen mischief: What kind of trouble can a 19-year-old get into? Pop star Justin Bieber might know. Police raided his house yesterday to look for evidence of a prank he is accused of. While there, they picked up house guest rapper Lil Za, saying they found drugs on him. What started it? Neighbors say Bieber egged their house, and they made a fuzzy cell phone video of the incident that turned up on TMZ’s website. We can’t confirm the images’ authenticity, and there is not a lot to see, because it’s dark. And that evidence police were looking for? Bieber’s own surveillance camera video - so they can see if anyone is heading next door with eggs.

Nischelle Turner gives us the Bieber lowdown at 6 and 8.

It may be OK in Oklahoma: Soon. Maybe. The state’s constitution has an amendment that says only heterosexual couples are allowed to marry. Voters approved it about 10 years ago. But yesterday, a federal judge in Oklahoma said the amendment is not OK, because it violates the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution - the one that guarantees equal treatment under the law. But don’t listen for wedding bells for same-sex couples anytime soon, as other people in the conservative state may appeal the ruling.

Back when voters approved the amendment, Sharon Baldwin and Mary Bishop filed suit against the marriage ban.

Here's an extra biggie to help you start your day - a "New Day" exclusive!


There’s no place like home: Shezanne Cassim is glad to be back in the U.S. of A. after spending time in jail in the United Arab Emirates. He and some friends made a goofy video making fun of Dubai’s youth and got into a lot of trouble for it. Now that he’s back on American soil, he’s telling all to "New Day" in an exclusive interview. He waited five months behind bars, he says, before anyone even told him what he what the complaint was.

Cassim tells his story exclusively to "New Day" at 7 and 8.

Those are your biggies for the day. Here are a few others that are brewing and have the Internet buzzing:

The show must go on: But not before an incredibly heartwarming interruption. In the middle of a performance of "Peter Pan" in Glasgow, Scotland, the actor playing Peter called over to the actress playing Wendy, dropped to one knee and popped out a ring. She said cried and said …


Cute or WHAT? Babies are soooo adorable! But top one off with a Cabbage Patch-style wig, and you get … jaws dropping and eyes popping. If this cute-on-cuteness happens to rub you the right way, an artist on the crafts website Etsy will custom knit one of these wool caps for your little doll for a song.

Cabbage patch wig

If only animals could talk: Some can - parrots, mynah birds and dogs. OK, canine vocabularies are pretty limited. But the word “no!” seems pretty easy to say, especially when a dog absolutely does not want to go into its kennel.


Winnie the OH MY GOD RUNNNN! Your sweet, cuddly little childhood cartoon friends like Winnie the Pooh, the Teletubbies and Bambi? Well, they’re all grown up now and, frankly, they’re psycho. At least that’s how illustrator Tohad draws them. And they’re pretty funny in a dark kind of way.

Winnie psycho   teletubbies_by_tohad

No “Hell’s.” Just “Angels”: The Pope on a Harley? 'Fraid not; Francis won’t be straddlin’ this hog. It was a gift from when he blessed thousands of Harley riders in June, and now he is putting the bike on auction to raise money to feed the poor. He personally hand-signed it “Francesco” across the gas tank.

Pope Harley

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5 Things to Know for Your New Day - Tuesday, January 14
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie under pressure again, as he is expected to talk today about Bridgegate once more.
January 14th, 2014
05:34 AM ET

5 Things to Know for Your New Day - Tuesday, January 14

Fallen baseball star A-Rod may have to tell all about alleged steroid use, House Democrats and Republicans agree on how to spend $1 trillion, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is to speak again on Bridgegate - this time at his State of the State address.

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of "5 Things to Know for Your New Day."


Theater tragedy: It started with a father texting his daughter in a Florida cineplex. It ended with him dead on the theater floor. The saga unfolded before moviegoers in Wesley Chapel, a town near Tampa. The previews were still running when he sent the text, setting off an argument with a 71-year-old retired police officer behind him. The men argued and argued before the former officer left and then came back. They argued some more before shots were fired, killing the 43-year-old dad and wounding his wife.

Tory Duncan reports at 6 and 7


Address under duress: State of the State addresses aren't usually occasions when the eyes of a nation are fixed on a governor. But that'll be the case this afternoon when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivers his. A source close to the governor tells CNN he will discuss the current controversy surrounding the George Washington Bridge. And there's another storm brewing for Christie. Federal officials are checking into the possibility that he misused relief funds his state received after Superstorm Sandy to make himself look good. The catastrophe pushed Christie onto the center of the national stage and made him look pretty electable to people far from the Jersey Shore. There has since been talk of a Christie presidential bid in 2016. A Democratic critic in New Jersey called for the investigation, after Christie and his family appeared in ads promoting New Jersey tourism to the rest of America.

Erin McPike gives us a preview at 6, 7 and 8.


I’ll be darned: Remember that Nebraska 2-year-old cursing like a sailor in a viral video? A juvenile court judge in Omaha now says the toddler can stay with his mother, but can’t go back home. How’s that work, you ask? Both will be placed with the same foster family, since both are juveniles. Their original home was deemed too dangerous for both of them, because of a history of gang involvement. Another kid at the home was wounded in gunfire, a county prosecutor said, and the boy’s 38-year-old grandmother has done jail time on gun charges.


What? No shutdown? It may be time for a double take. Democrats and Republicans in the House have agreed on a roughly $1 trillion spending package that will fund the government through the end of this budget year. No shutdown this time, no debt ceiling threats, no nothing. Just negotiations, agreements and sticking to previously made plans. The partisan battleground that raged for about three years over government spending and pushed the U.S. government to the financial brink seems to have fallen silent. Whew! The bill will mean cuts to lots of agencies, but pensions for disabled veterans are safe. The Senate still needs to sign off.

Hey, ever seen a trillion dollars? Pundits like to astound and shock us with what they figure it looks like. We can’t confirm the illustration, but it’s interesting to watch – keep an eye out for the sign that says $1 trillion.


A conservative group also used a pile of paper to skewer the spending bill. It’s a goodly stack. But hey, it must take some pretty specific guidelines to spend a trillion.


Coming out swinging: Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez isn't going down without a fight. But in the process, the slugger may have let out a dirty little secret. Tucked deep in the lawsuit Rodriguez filed Monday against Major League Baseball to get his suspension vacated is a detailed report about his alleged steroid use. And boy, is it detailed. The report alleges injections of banned drugs, secret meetings and big money payoffs. Some of these accusations have leaked out in recent days as Rodriguez's fight with baseball has gotten uglier and uglier. But this report, compiled by arbitrator Fredric Horowitz, is a graphic look at the case against Rodriguez.

Those are your five biggies for the day. Here are a few others that are brewing and have the Internet buzzing:

Name my baby, maybe: A man in Canada is asking netizens to come up with a name for his baby. So far, Amelia seems a sure bet to win as first name, but there’s a neck-and-neck race for the middle name. Either Mae or All-Spark. The second one is a “Transformers” reference if you’re scratching your head. The couple say they still reserve the right to pick their own names for their kid. That’s a novel idea, naming your own kid.

Crowd source daughter name

God bless the 49ers: It’s easy to tell which team Pastor Tim prays will make it to the Super Bowl in a few weeks. When the start of San Francisco’s playoff game coincided with the kickoff of his worship service, the Lutheran pastor huddled with the congregation, preached an extra-short sermon and called a spiritual timeout, so he could watch his team. Make sure you watch the end of the video. BTW: The 49ers won.


A non-thinking cap: You think Google and the NSA know everything about you? Just wait. There’s a lot of buzz about possible future technologies to read your mind by scanning your brain. Italian designers are ready to defend your thinking cap with special accessories. They light up to warn you when someone is pointing a scanner at you, so you can react. Quick! Stop thinking now!


OMG! Emoji IRL!: What?? That’s text message-ese for: “Oh my God.” (You knew that part already.) “Emoji in real life!” Emoji is a Japanese expression for emoticons and other miniature pictures that folks add to their text messages, like a smiley face or a heart. Check out this Tumblr account dedicated real-life versions of these images.

Tumbler emoji

Geronimo! This ski jumper may get more attention in this viral video than he does during the Sochi Olympics in a few weeks. Norwegian Anders Jacobsen straps on a helmet cam for an in-your-face plunge into the snowy depths. The video has gotten more than half-a-million views in less than a week.


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5 Things to Know for Your New Day – Friday, December 13
Crowds wait to say goodbye to Nelson Mandela as he lies in state in Pretoria for the last day.
December 13th, 2013
05:18 AM ET

5 Things to Know for Your New Day – Friday, December 13

A Montana woman admits she shoved her husband down a cliff, Nelson Mandela lies in state for a final day, and North Korea executes the leader's uncle.

It's Friday, and here are the “5 Things to Know for Your New Day."

Text but not call?: The federal communications agency made the call to allow cellphones during flights. But the Department of Transportation says hold on. The DOT does not want flights filled with yakking passengers, and says it's looking into the possibility of eliminating voice communications.  Some say  cell phone conversations are annoying in close confines of a plane, and have cast it as a consumer rights issue. The  Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 yesterday to consider lifting its ban. But Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx says his department will decide whether allowing calls is fair to consumers.

Rene Marsh will be live with details all morning.

Husband pushed off cliff: In a drastic twist, newlywed Jordan Linn Graham is admitting she shoved her husband down a cliff. Graham pleaded guilty to second-degree murder yesterday as part of a plea deal. She says she pushed  her husband during an argument in July.  "It was a reckless act," she says of the incident at Glacier National Park in Montana. "I just pushed."  She was married to Cody Johnson for eight days.

Kyung Lah will have the latest all morning.

Goodbye to an icon: The former South African president  lies in state in Pretoria for a final day today. Lines snaked around downtown as throngs waited to say their goodbyes. Mandela's last public viewing is at the same place he was inaugurated as the nation's first black president. His body will then be transported to his boyhood home of Qunu for the burial Sunday.

Arwa Damon will have more details at 6.

No. 2 executed: North Korea says it has executed the "traitor" uncle of leader Kim Jong Un.  Jang Song Thaek was considered the second most powerful man in the secretive regime. State media described him as a  "despicable human scum" and "worse than a dog. It accused him of betraying his party and leader. Jang was married to Kim's aunt and served as vice chairman of North Korea's top military body. He was often pictured beside his 30-year-old nephew.

Jim Sciutto will be live with details all morning.

House approves: No more government shutdown. Well, at least not for two more years. A compromise federal budget plan won easy approval yesterday in the House.  It now goes to the Senate, where it is expected to pass next week. Its passage is a feat on its own. It represents a rare convergence between the two parties on government spending after two years of bitter debate. Their political brinkmanship included the 16-day shutdown in October. But military employees are not applauding the deal.  It cuts their benefits.


Athena Jones will break it down for us all morning.

Those are your five biggies for the day. Here are a few others that are brewing and have the Internet buzzing.

#blockrestored: Twitter makes a change that allows trolls to interact with those who’ve blocked them. Backlash ensues on  –where else – Twitter. The social media giant listens. The block is restored.

Social sabbatical: Speaking of social media, we knew this day would come. A Swedish company has designed a website that allows people to take a break from social media accounts. It sends an auto reply for your social media accounts to let people know you’re on a sabbatical.

Taking another lap: For decades, these two brothers sat for a picture with Santa every year.  Their evolution came full circle this year when their kids joined them on Santa’s lap.



Unique escape:  These over-the-top makeovers give cancer patients something to smile about, if only for a second.  The popular program gives cancer patients makeovers with their eyes closed. The priceless moment comes when they open their eyes expecting glamorous looks. Instead, they are surprised with a hilarious new do.


Mooooove!: Longboarder crashes into cows.

And in the spirit of fun videos, join us this morning for our countdown!

There you go. All you need to know to get an early start to your morning.
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5 Things to Know for Your New Day – Friday, September 13
September 13th, 2013
05:28 AM ET

5 Things to Know for Your New Day – Friday, September 13

It's Day 2 of Russia and U.S. talks, the Syrian president throws in his two cents, and a New Jersey blaze is undoing some of the repairs after Superstorm Sandy.

It's Friday, and here are the “5 Things to Know for Your New Day."
Every weekday morning around 6, we’ll hit the top five stories of the day, clue you in on a few other buzzy items, and let you know about some of the must-watch stories coming up on CNN’s morning show, “New Day.”


Talks, talks everywhere:  Today is day two for U.S.-Russian diplomatic talks on Syria.  If you listen, the goals are similar, but the ideas on how to reach them are not.  And tensions abound. Secretary of State John Kerry remained firm yesterday after meeting his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, saying the military strike option is not off the table if Syria does not implement agreements. Lavrov kept his cool, saying “diplomacy likes silence." Tell that to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who threw in his two cents. He says he is willing to place his chemical weapons arsenal under international control, but only if the U.S. cools it with the threats.

We’re all over these crucial talks, and we’ll break down the five things to pay attention to today. Jim Sciutto will be live at 6, 7 and 8 with the latest.


Latest tech hoopla: Twitter is taking its first step toward going public, but keeping details on the deal private. With a simple tweet – what else would it be? – the social media giant announced yesterday that it has filed documents for an initial public offering of stock. Details are scarce because the company took advantage of a federal law to provide its registration privately to U.S. regulators. Investors are all excited about the prospect of public stocks. Is the little blue bird finally coming of age?



But over at Twitter headquarters, it was business as usual after the announcement.

Christine Romans will be live at 6 with the latest details. 


Boardwalk blaze: New Jersey just can’t  seem to catch a break.  Nearly a year after a superstorm swallowed its iconic seaside boardwalk, a fire broke out yesterday at the same location. The raging blaze destroyed dozens of businesses, undoing much of the rebuilding work done after Superstorm Sandy hit in October.  It’s enough to make New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sick. “I feel like I want to throw up,” he says.  “After all the effort and time and resources that we've put in to help the folks … rebuild.”

But there’s a glimmer of good news: there were no reports of injuries.

Our team of correspondents will be live at 6, 7 and 8 with the latest from New Jersey.


Relentless rain:  First came heavy rains, then swirling mountainsides, followed by entire towns cut off.  Now Colorado officials fear a wall of water clogged with debris is cascading toward Boulder.  Sirens shrieked overnight, warning residents along Boulder Creek to evacuate.  Flash floods are blamed for at least three deaths, and officials don’t want any more. “Do not cross Boulder Creek for any reason,” they warned.

George Howell will be live at 6, 7 and 8 with the latest from Colorado.


Witches and wizards, rejoice:  J.K. Rowling still has some tricks up her sleeve. The "Harry Potter" author is returning to the world of wizards that made her famous.  Her screenwriting debut will feature a movie centered on one of Potter's textbooks, "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them." It’s about its fictional author, Newt Scamander.

Mark Istook will have more details at 7.

Those are your five biggies for the day. Here are a few others that are brewing and have the Internet buzzing.

Dad dons short shorts: This Utah man will go down in history as best dad, ever.  OK, maybe funniest dad. To show his daughter how, um, not cute she looks in her itty-bitty shorts, Scott Mackintosh cut off his jeans into Daisy Dukes and went out to dinner with his family. Then they went miniature golfing, with him still wearing the waaaayyy too short shorts. Did we mention that his daughter was wearing skimpy shorts, too? She didn't appreciate Dad's stunt, but folks on social media sure did.



One giant leap for froggy: We’re still scratching our heads about this one. An itsy-bitsy frog photo-bombed NASA’s  rocket launch last week, giving new meaning to "flying leap." A NASA photo shows the little guy streaking skyward alongside a 90-foot rocket carrying a moon mission from a flight facility in Virginia. No word on whether it croaked, but it sure had a wild ride. NASA says these kinds of things tend not to end well for amphibians.

And the ugly award goes to … : Maybe a mother could love this face.  Maybe not.  But the angry-looking, slimy blobfish was named the world’s ugliest animal and the official mascot of hideous-looking creatures everywhere. Winning is winning, right?  So yay!  Well, at least he wasn’t launched to the moon next to a rocket.


Super kittens v. gangsta pups: Kittens.  Puppies.  Superheroes.  Gangsters.  Slow-motion video.  Enough said.  That’s the only way we can describe this legendary aerial battle between these adorable combatants.  In this case, we’re all winners.

There you go. All you need to know to get an early start to your morning.
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