December 12th, 2013
10:55 AM ET

Nevada Rescue: 'They Intended on Being Out For a Couple of Hours'

A family of six spent two days in the wilderness in sub-zero temperatures after their Jeep rolled off the side of a dirt road and into a crevice. It could have had a much different outcome. CNN's Casey Wian reports.

James Glanton and his girlfriend Christina McIntee huddled with their two children, and her nephew and niece, keeping everyone together and keeping everyone warm.

After they were found Tuesday, all six were in stable condition with "no frostbite, just some exposure issues," said Patty Bianchi, the CEO of Pershing General Hospital. Dr. Doug Vacek told reporters they all were doing "very well."

The couple may not be talking but Christina's aunt is sharing new details with CNN.

Laurie McDermott says of the experience: "Very scary, you know they intended on being out for a couple of hours and ended up being in a situation where their Jeep flipped over and they were in an area where they were backed up against a hill and it just camouflaged the jeep. They burned wood they burned sagebrush they heated rocks to keep the kids warm, they burned the spare tire, they had food they had water."


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