Keep Your Day Job, 50 Cent
May 30th, 2014
09:41 AM ET

Keep Your Day Job, 50 Cent

Our viral video picks are all in good fun this week! Let us know your favorite on Twitter with #NewDay and follow our Tumblr page to get the best of the best throughout the week.

5. Cat allergies
No, I’m not referring to a person being allergic to a cat. I’m referring to a cat being allergic to … who knows what. Either way, its sneezes are adorable.

4. Tennis player shares a seat with ballboy
Tennis pro Novak Djokovic is a really nice guy. So nice that he invited the ballboy holding an umbrella over his head to have a seat and a drink.

3. Kids invent a new game
It’s called “Throw Your Brother Down the Stairs in a Box.” And whoever is taping approves. (Don’t worry, the kid is okay!)

2. Bill Murray’s speech to a bachelor party
Murray wasn’t there with the party but he was certainly willing to lend his thoughts on whether you should really marry someone. I wonder if he gave the bachelor any second thoughts?

1. 50 Cent’s terrible opening pitch
Is he really that bad at pitching or did he just want to make some headlines? Either way, he won, because we were all talking about this.


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Teen's Michael Jackson Moves Go Viral!
May 23rd, 2014
10:17 AM ET

Teen's Michael Jackson Moves Go Viral!

If you need a distraction, take a moment and see some of the best viral videos of the week culled from our "New Day" Tumblr. 

Tweet us with the hashtag #NewDay and tell us which video is your favorite!


4. Every celebrity in the world congratulates "Jenny"

Sorry guys, but you will probably never be able to beat the video this entertainment reporter made for his fiancée. Seriously, you can't do it.



3. Mama Bear saves her baby

If I were this baby bear, I probably wouldn't be afraid of anything, either. Mama Bear is always close enough behind to save him!



2. Epic weather timelapse

I definitely would've ran in the house if I saw this storm coming, but someone followed it long enough to create a timelapse. And we're so glad! Their bravery – or craziness – led to a really great video.



1. Michael Jackson 2.0

Brett Nichols blew away his school – and the Internet – with his insanely on-point "Billie Jean" moves at a talent show.



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May 19th, 2014
01:19 PM ET

Judge Rules Woman Can Use Embryos Despite Her Ex-Boyfriend's Wishes

An Illinois state judge has ruled a woman can use the embryos created with her ex-boyfriend, even though the ex says he was told they both would have to consent before further action could be taken.

Here are the details:

Four years ago, Karla Dunston was diagnosed with lymphoma, which would render her infertile due to the chemotherapy.

In the three weeks between her diagnosis and the beginning of her treatment, her boyfriend, Jacob Szafranski, agreed to provide sperm to freeze embryos.

A co-parent agreement giving Dunston control of the embryos was never signed and the couple broke up a year later.

Since that point, Szafranski changed his mind about the embryos.

On "New Day" Monday, Szafranski told CNN's Chris Cuomo it was his understanding that the documents he previously signed required his consent before any action could be taken with the embryos in the future.

Judge Sophia H. Hall ruled in Dunston's favor saying:

"Karla's desire to have a biological child in the face of the impossibility of having one without using the embryos outweighs Jacob's privacy concerns, which are now moot, and his speculative concern that he might not find love with a woman because he unhesitatingly agreed to help give Karla her last opportunity to fulfill her wish to have a biological child."

Ms. Dunston's lawyer recently released a statement that said:

"We want to be very clear that my client is not asking for anything from Mr. Szafranski – no support, no money, nothing. She simply does not want him to stand in the way of her very last chance to have her own biological children."

However, Szafranski said money wasn't the point.

"To say that just because somebody doesn't want money from me ... they should be able to force my hand and bring children into this world against my will ... I don't want to be forced into having a child, especially when I'm not ready for that in my life," he said.

Dunston's lawyer also added that her "client is a very private person. She has no interest in any interviews or other exposure at this time. She requests that her family's privacy be respected."

Watch the full interview above with Szafranski and let us know, do you think the judge made the right decision?

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Photo of the Day: See Skyline Over NYC's Central Park
May 19th, 2014
03:53 AM ET

Photo of the Day: See Skyline Over NYC's Central Park

In today's photo of the day, we see the view from a CNN newsroom in New York City.

CNN's Anthony Morrison shared this picture on Sunday, writing:

"It's really not work at all when this is your view."

If you have pictures you'd like to share, send them to us!

Post on Facebook, or tweet to us @NewDay using #NewDay.

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