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December 6th, 2014
09:31 AM ET

Deepak Chopra Looks at "The Future of God"

Christi Paul sat down for an insightful conversation with author, life coach, public speaker and alternative medicine physician to discuss his new book and how America can confront the societal problems plaguing our country.

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November 23rd, 2014
11:19 AM ET

UVA Suspends Fraternities Amid Rape Allegations

A UVA student is accusing a campus fraternity of gang rape, but are the steps the University is taking enough?

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November 23rd, 2014
11:13 AM ET

GOP Senator: 'It's Absolutely Crazy' That Congress Represents Non-Citizens

Senator David Vitter (R.- Louisiana) called President Obama's executive amnesty 'illegitimate, unconstitutional and flat out horrible.'

And he says he'll do everything he can in Congress to push back– we asked him to elaborate.

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November 23rd, 2014
11:00 AM ET

Drone Pilot's Buffalo Snowfall Video Goes Viral

"New Day Weekend" spoke with James Grimaldi, who used his drone and a GoPro camera to document the 7 feet of snow that fell in his neighborhood. The results are breathtaking.

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