December 17th, 2014
11:22 AM ET

Former Pakistan President on School Attack, Handling Terrorism

According to the country's former president General Pervez Musharraf, yesterday's attack on a Pakistan school is not an abberation.

"It's a continuation off of whatever has been happening over the last 15 years in the region, in Afghanistan, and in our tribal agencies," he told New Day's Chris Cuomo.

While Musharraf agreed that something needs to be done to fight radicalism, saying, "the people of Pakistan want it," he made note of the different ways his country and the U.S. have dealt with terrorism in the past.

Watch the interview above.

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December 16th, 2014
09:45 AM ET

Kids Discuss the War on Terror

It isn't easy to talk about terror with children, but as our kiddie cabinet shows us, it's important. These third and fourth graders from Immaculate Conception School sat down with Chris Cuomo and told him what they know about ISIS, Muslim people and how America treats terrorists.

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December 15th, 2014
08:44 AM ET

Sydney Siege Witness: Woman Screamed, 'He has a Gun'

"I could see a hand and what was like half the gun, so I just ran after that and called the cops," said Nathan, an employee at the Lindt cafe in Sydney, Australia where a gunman is holding an unknown number of hostages. He had just arrived to work when the gunman took over, but managed to escape and suspects that about 20 people were still inside.

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December 12th, 2014
10:37 AM ET

Famed Model Beverly Johnson Says Bill Cosby Drugged Her

In an essay for Vanity Fair, famed model Beverly Johnson accuses Bill Cosby of drugging her in a meeting at his Manhattan residence in the 1980s - adding herself to the list of women who have made accusations against the comedian in recent weeks.

"For a long time I thought it was something that only happened to me, and that I was somehow responsible. So I kept my secret to myself, believing this truth needed to remain in the darkness," she writes. "Now that other women have come forward with their nightmare stories, I join them."

CNN has reached out to Cosby's attorney, Martin Singer, but has not heard back yet.

Johnson, a noted model in the 1970s and the first black woman to appear on the cover of American Vogue, says the alleged incident, which did not involve sexual assault, happened in the mid-'80s when Cosby was starring on "The Cosby Show." She was offered an audition for a small role on the hit program.

"I was in the midst of an ugly custody battle for my only child. I needed a big break badly and appearing on 'The Cosby Show' seemed like an excellent way of getting Hollywood's attention," she writes.


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