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September 29th, 2014
03:42 PM ET

Lisa Ling Explores Lives of 'Sugar Daddies', 'Sugar Babies'

It's a phenomenon that exists both contractually and casually– men who provide financial support for women in exchange for their companionship.

In the first installment of Lisa Ling's new series, "This is Life" the award winning journalist explores this chosen lifestyle from both sides.

"New Day Weekend"'s Christi Paul asked Ling about what it was like to explore such a controversial subject and about what else we can expect from this intriguing series.

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September 7th, 2014
06:15 AM ET

Will Sexting Charges Influence the Jury in GA Hot Car Case?

In addition to Malice Murder and Felony Murder charges, Justin Ross Harris has been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor. He sent and requested sexually explicit images to a girl who was 17. While not demonstrative of good character, should this come into play when he's tried in front of a jury for murder?


We asked Mel Robbins and Joey Jackson.


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What's Next in Michael Brown Case? Q & A with Chris Cuomo
August 26th, 2014
10:12 PM ET

What's Next in Michael Brown Case? Q & A with Chris Cuomo

The streets of Ferguson have calmed, children are heading back to school and residents are honoring Michael Brown’s family's wish for peace.

But now a legal battle looms over whether Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson was justified in shooting and killing the unarmed teenager.

Chris Cuomo hosted a Facebook chat on Tuesday to address your questions on the case.

Here are some highlights:

Q: Imarah – Guilty or not guilty, Do you not think six shoots is way overboard and also why the head or a fatal shoot, do they not teach them in the police academy ways to injure or slow down without killing? I think it should be mandatory that all police officers wear cam for both our protection and theirs as it will enable better transparency. What do u think?

A: Chris Cuomo the number of shots is a tricky part of the analysis. it always is in cases like this. the primary analysis is whether shooting was necessary at all.


Q: Anna – If officer Wilson is charged with murder, who pays the legal fees?

Keith – The police union

A: Chris Cuomo or him personally or benefactors, not the taxpayer, because the crime would be seen as not in the line of expected duty


Q: Elisabeth – I don't agree with police killing an unarmed man....however, the boy is on camera committing a crime....

A: Chris Cuomo Elisabeth – this is a natural instinct that I think fails to be helpful here. And here is why: we do not know whether the officer was responding to the robbery, and it does not seem that he was. the past therefore is only relevant as a measure of potential reaction to the actual altercation and shooting that occurred.


Attorney: New Audio Reveals Pause in Gunfire when Michael Brown was Shot

Opinion: Peace in Ferguson



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May 25th, 2014
02:28 PM ET

"We Were Choking on the Same Soot, We Were One With the Story"

Editorial Producer Allison Gilbert and "Legal View" Anchor Ashleigh Banfield discuss Gilbert's new book, "Covering Catastrophe," which highlights how broadcast journalists covered the events of September 11, 2001.

The two relive the most memorable moments from that day and the challenges they faced as journalists.


To read Gilbert's Op-Ed, click the link below:

Journalist and survivor: The rules blurred on 9/11
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