June 9th, 2014
02:31 PM ET

Photo of the Day: There's a New (and Four-Legged) Cuomo in Town

The New Day family expands, and it looks like our newest member has it out for Chris Cuomo's ankles.

Alabama Cuomo, a lab mix, made a big move to the Big Apple this weekend.

No, the energetic puppy is not from Ohio, Chris says, but from none other than his namesake: the state of Alabama. The Cuomos rescued the mutt, affectionately nicknamed 'Bama, from a shelter.



For more information on rescue animals check out the American Humane Society.


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Ryan Lewis asks: What does Ryan Lewis do?
June 6th, 2014
07:07 AM ET

Ryan Lewis asks: What does Ryan Lewis do?

It's been a good week for viral videos – so much for us to laugh at and laugh with! And maybe a couple of "awwww" moments, too.

Did we miss one? Share your favorite with us using the hashtag #NewDay! Maybe it will pop up on our Tumblr.

5. One giant surprise on a plane
Or maybe we should say, a bunch of little surprises? Watch as one woman gets proposed to and married, all within a few minutes. Oh, and it's on a plane.

4. Cuddling with a shark
Move along, nothing to see here – it's just a woman with a shark in her lap. Stuff you see every day.

3. Seniors get creative with their prank
High school students in Santa Barbara didn't skip school or put a bunch of animals in a classroom for their senior prank. Instead, they hired a mariachi band to follow the principal around all day.

2. Who is Ryan Lewis?
He's one-half of "Macklemore and Ryan Lewis." You knew that, right? But what does he actually do? The man himself tried to find out.

1. Obama's workout
Thanks to this video, now most of us know that we can lift heavier weights than the leader of the free world.

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Play "Jeopardy!" With Champion Julia Collins and "New Day"!
June 3rd, 2014
11:29 AM ET

Play "Jeopardy!" With Champion Julia Collins and "New Day"!

Last night, the second longest winning streak in "Jeopardy's" 30 seasons came to an end when 31-year-old Julia Collins walked away with $428,100. She trails only Ken Jennings, "Jeopardy's" grand master who won 74 straight games a decade ago.

Julia has since rebounded from her loss and stopped by "New Day" this morning to discuss her historic run. While here, she took some time backstage to play a couple rounds with our "New Day" team. She served up clues that she herself was asked during game play (one of which she got wrong!).

Check them out below and see if you can fare as well as Julia (If you need to cheat, the correct responses at the bottom!).



1) CATEGORY: Fill in the Movie Titles, VALUE: $600

“2 very different films: ‘Coming ___' and '___ Alone'”


2) CATEGORY: The Hair Apparent, VALUE: $1000

“Yeah, baby! Let’s do this 4-letter ‘do, cut in slightly uneven, overlapping layers downward from the crown”


3) CATEGORY: English Literature, VALUE: $2000

“This D.H. Lawrence novel continued the stories of sisters Ursula and Gudun Brangwen, who first appeared in ‘The Rainbow’


4) CATEGORY: Science and Scientists, VALUE: $1600 (Julia got this one wrong!)

“Fritz Haber won a Nobel Prize for producing this gas from hydrogen and nitrogen”



RESPONSE 1) What is home?

RESPONSE 2) What is “Women in Love?”

RESPONSE 3) What is “the shag?”

RESPONSE 4) What is “ammonia?” (during the show, Julia had no answer)



May 23rd, 2014
01:08 PM ET

Colbert Jokes About Spying on Blitzer

John King showcases a joke by Stephen Colbert on how the Obama administration should consider spying on Wolf Blitzer.

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