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October 2nd, 2013
11:30 AM ET

Fencing Teacher Foils Robbery Plan

A fencing teacher in Nashville, Tennessee, foils two men trying to rob a purse in a parking lot with his sword.

CNN's John Berman gives him the "It Must Have Been The Pants Award of the Day"  because Franco Scaramuzza swooped in while still in his fencing outfit to save the day.

Scaramuzza says "I charged towards them, you know, holding my épée up high, and, you know, yelling at them. I kept yelling throughout the entire thing. They completely panicked and dropped everything they stole and really took off."

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September 27th, 2013
11:31 AM ET

Man Proposes To Girlfriend, Bystander Gives The Finger

Kenny Lovelace decided to propose to his girlfriend Molly Ryan in a romantic way.

He did it in public at a Colorado Rockies game.

A photographer luckily snapped the picture of the happy moment, except one bystander wasn't so thrilled.

CNN's John Berman brings the "Award of the Day" to the woman in the foreground of the photo who's giving the camera her middle finger.

This angry lady gets the "Most Likely to Punch Bunnies" award.


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September 26th, 2013
10:58 AM ET

Scary! A Naked Haunted House

It is almost the Halloween season and we found something in the "New York Daily News" that might very well make you scream in terror. CNN's John Berman reports.

There is a theme park called Shocktoberfest in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, that decided their regular old haunted house just wasn't enough. You enter this place naked.

It's called the "The Naked and Scared Challenge.”

The owner told the paper:

"It's taking people down to their core, making them as vulnerable as possible with zero protection."

The experience is only for people 18 and over, you need to sign a waiver, there are private concealed changing areas, and no sexual misconduct or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated.

They get the "I Hope It's a Warm Haunted House" award.

Would you go to something like this??




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September 25th, 2013
02:59 PM ET

Goats Take Over The Yard

A woman in Fort Worth, Texas, notices two goats on her lawn and springs into action. CNN's John Berman gives her the "3 a.m. call" Award of the Day.

Sharon Dyer notices two goats on her lawn and is worried they might destroy her precious garden.

Dyer calls animal control who tells her it's the sheriff's problem and she ends up on the phone with police.

On the 911 call you can hear her discussing the issue with the dispatcher before yelling at the goats:

"Don't eat my stuff! Get outta there! Oh these goats! Get out of my stuff."

For behaving with gallantry under extreme pressure and under siege from goats, she gets Berman's award because in a crisis, he wants someone like Dyer on his side.

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