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September 24th, 2013
01:53 PM ET

College Football Player Defends Name On Twitter

A college football player takes to Twitter to defend his name and CNN's John Berman gives him the "Anthony Weiner" Award of the Day.

Here's the story:

Jake Butt is a freshman football player at the University of Michigan. He plays as a tight end and apparently was getting some flack for the coincidence between his name and his position. Butt took to social media to silence his critics saying:

"Yes, I'm a tight end. Yes, my last name is Butt. hhahaha"

So Berman gives him the award named after another man with a last name similar to what he's known for.

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September 23rd, 2013
01:02 PM ET

Award Of The Day: Fetch This

Monday's "Award of the Day" goes to the dogs.

See CNN's John Berman show one Siberian Husky having his way with a pile of leaves and another canine that's a cross between a Staffordshire Terrier and a German Shepherd who strikes a resemblance to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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September 5th, 2013
01:12 PM ET

Man Celebrates Triathlon Win A Few Steps Short

French athlete Jeremy Jurkiewicz celebrates a little too early at a Brazilian triathlon, CNN's John Berman reports.

Just feet from crossing the finish line, the Frenchman decides to enjoy his victory while another runner Igor Amorelli comes up from behind.

The man sees the chance for victory and sprints toward the finish line but Jurkiewicz realizes just in time and almost seems to try to pull the other guy back, before crossing the line himself.

He wins the triathlon and Berman's award for Thursday:

"Don't Count Your Poulets Before They Hatch."


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August 30th, 2013
11:56 AM ET

Bacon-Wrap Your Ford Fiesta

Many of you will be celebrating Labor Day this weekend, but there is an even more important holiday, according to CNN's John Berman. Tomorrow is International Bacon Day!

In celebration of Bacon Day, Ford – the car company – is offering a chance for drivers to wrap their cars in bacon, sort of. They are offering vinyl bacon decals for 2014 For Fiestas. Prices start at $78 plus installation.

Therefore, Ford wins Berman's "Most Lick-able Car" Award of the Day!

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