October 28th, 2014
11:48 AM ET

Helmet Cam Video of Motorcyclist's Good Deed Goes Viral

In today’s edition of the Good Stuff, a motorcyclist’s good deed goes viral.

Rhino Hooten always wears a helmet cam riding his motorcycle to work, just in case he gets in an accident. Not sure how that would help him, but it did capture an overturned car with a driver trapped inside.

"When she was snared in her seatbelt, it was wrapped around her upper body. Her suffocating was my thought... she was panicking; she couldn't get out," Hooten said.

Another driver who had also stopped to help was calling for a knife to cut the seatbelt.

Hooten worked quickly, freeing the driver with a pocket knife just as smoke started coming from the car.

Hooten’s footage has gone viral with over 600,000 views. He said the attention has been surprising, but he did what just came naturally to him.

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October 28th, 2014
10:56 AM ET

Lava Flow Inches Closer to Homes in Hawaiian Community

With a mixture of resignation and dread, residents here are watching this gray and orange advance, this 2,000-degree river of molten rock.

Each passing hour, lava from Kilauea Volcano is inching closer to their homes in Pahoa on Hawaii's Big Island.

The dark ooze has swallowed up fences, flowed over a cemetery and neared major roads. In some places, in this community of about 950 residents, it's chest high.

"Everybody, including myself, is quite nervous," Rod Macland told CNN affiliate KITV-TV. "We don't know. We can't see the future. The flow does what the flow does."

By early Tuesday, the lava was about 70 yards from the closest home and moving in a northeast direction. It was flowing 8 to 11 yards per hour, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said.

Hawaii officials haven't issued a mandatory evacuation yet. But many residents have already chosen to leave on their own.

"Most people have vacated," Hawaii County civil defense worker Franchesca Martin-Howe told CNN affiliate KHON-TV. "They have moved out of their homes. There's only a few people left."

MORE on CNN.com.

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October 28th, 2014
06:37 AM ET

"Morning Minute" with Michaela Pereira – October 28, 2014

Need to get today's top stories on-the-go? Watch Michaela Pereira's morning minute now!

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Five Things to Know for Your New Day – Tuesday, October 28, 2014
British hostage John Cantlie is featured in ISIS' latest propganda video
October 28th, 2014
12:38 AM ET

Five Things to Know for Your New Day – Tuesday, October 28, 2014

There's more good news on the fight against Ebola in America, ISIS shows another propaganda video with a Western hostage, and a homeless man shows that talent can be found anywhere.

It's Tuesday, and here are the "5 things to know for your New Day."


Keep calm and carry on: Even though most Americans think there will be another Ebola diagnosis in the coming weeks, the majority are pretty sure the government can prevent a nationwide epidemic, according to the latest CNN/ORC International poll. And while an infected doctor remains hospitalized in New York, a quarantined nurse who said her rights were being violated in New Jersey was released after proving - once again - she didn't have the virus.

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