October 13th, 2014
09:25 AM ET

Follow Michaela Pereira as She Traces Her Roots to Jamaica

Michaela Pereira’s adoption journey began when she was just 3 months old in Canada. In the past, she’s reached out to her birth parents, but for the first time, she goes in search of her heritage – which takes her all the way to Jamaica!

See behind-the-scenes photos from her trip here.

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Five Things to Know for Your New Day – Monday, October 13
Seattle and Minneapolis will recognize the second Monday in October as "Indigenous People's Day."
October 13th, 2014
12:44 AM ET

Five Things to Know for Your New Day – Monday, October 13

The United States has a second case of Ebola. ISIS marches on despite airstrikes. And a growing list of U.S. cities are changing their focus of Columbus Day.

It's Monday, and here are the "5 things to know for your New Day."


A second case at home: As the U.S. scrambles with the second Ebola case at home, concerns are growing about whether the nation's hospitals are equipped to prevent an outbreak. But federal officials said early detection highlights the high state of alert medical facilities are under since a Liberian man died of Ebola at a Texas hospital last week. The second case is a nurse who was taking care of him. The World Health Organization estimates 8,300 people have contracted Ebola during this year's outbreak in West Africa. Of those, more than 4,000 have died.