August 18th, 2014
09:15 AM ET

Witness: 'God Bless His Soul, Police Shot This Boy Outside My Apartment'

Piaget Crenshaw is a Ferguson, Missouri, resident now – but she moved from Jennings about a month before the shooting of Michael Brown.

Crenshaw told CNN's Michaela Pereira she witnessed the incident from her apartment and recorded video of the scene immediately following the shooting.

"I had just moved there out of my parents home," she said.

"To see something like this outside of my window ... it’s just, traumatizing."

Crenshaw said Brown was running away from police and then turned around. She said that was when Brown was shot.

But police have given a different narrative, saying Brown struggled with the officer and reached for his weapon.

On Monday, the preliminary results of an autopsy that Michael Brown's family requested was released, showing the teen was shot at least six times.

In the video, you can hear Crenshaw's emotional response to what she had just seen.

"God bless his soul," she said.  "Police shot this boy outside my apartment."



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