July 25th, 2014
09:15 AM ET

How to Fly "S.A.F.E." with CNN Safety Analyst David Soucie

For CNN safety analyst and former FAA safety inspector David Soucie, wariness of air travel seldom happens for him within the United States.

As a safety and accident investigator, Soucie developed confidence in the U.S.' flight rules and regulations.

"We have a very good system for maintaining those standards," Soucie said on "New Day" Friday.

However, Soucie explained that fastidiousness should come into play for international air travel.

It's harder to discern whether or not foreign countries uphold the same guidelines for air safety, Soucie said, as political climates and bureaucracies are capable of shifting rapidly.

Soucie developed a quick checklist, broken down into the acronym of "S.A.F.E.," in order to attain a sense of control as a passenger.

He shared his guidelines with us below:

David Soucie Says Fly S.A.F.E.

  • S = SEARCH
  • Search the web using Google, social media, etc., in order to learn about your destination country.
  • Get familiar with the flight route - websites like Flight Aware and Flight Radar 24 are excellent resources - and learn what else you'll be flying over.
  • Now that you're well informed about my destination country, the flight route, and the airline taking you there, do a "gut check."
    • If there is little or no concern, Soucie advises going "no matter what." If there are, in fact, concerns, Soucie recommends evaluating the necessity of taking the flight at that particular time.


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July 25th, 2014
07:21 AM ET
July 25th, 2014
12:26 AM ET

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