June 27th, 2014
01:13 PM ET

Isaiah Austin Shares His Plans for the Future

Four days before Baylor University basketball star Isaiah Austin hoped to be drafted into the NBA, his dreams of playing in the pros were extinguished by a rare genetic disease called Marfan syndrome.

But Thursday night, the NBA honored him with an honorary pick during the 2014 draft.

On "New Day" Friday, Austin said he knew Commissioner Adam Silver was going to honor him, but he didn't know he'd be a draft pick.

"It was really unbelievable," Austin said.

Marfan syndrome is caused by a genetic mutation that leaves connective tissue in the body weak, according to the National Institutes of Health.

The defective gene can also cause excessive growth of longer bones in the body, although it's not clear why this happens.

While others might be defeated by a diagnosis like this, Austin said he is hopeful for the future.

He will not only spread awareness  about the illness as a spokesman for the Marfan foundation, Austin said he's already been offered jobs by Silver and with Baylor University.

“Life for me is not over, it’s just beginning,” he said.


Former Baylor star Isaiah Austin stops by "New Day."

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#MyNewDay Challenge: Check Out Some of Our Favorite Submissions!
NEW YORK - 2014: Sunrise as seen from the office. Photo credit: @davidscottholloway
June 27th, 2014
12:09 PM ET

#MyNewDay Challenge: Check Out Some of Our Favorite Submissions!

Monday wraps up our two-week Instagram "takeover" by photographer extraordinaire David Holloway.

David's work took us through the streets of New York, across the lawn of Capitol Hill and soaring over California.

We asked you, our trusty followers, to submit your own awesome pictures using the hashtag #MyNewDay.

You can find a few of our favorites below, but there's good news.

The fun isn't over yet.

If you would like to submit photos, continue using #MyNewDay; we would love to share your work!

And, of course, special thanks to David for capturing some great shots.


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June 27th, 2014
11:16 AM ET

Letterman Takes on Dick Cheney's Quest for WMDs

CNN's John King highlights a joke made by David Letterman about Dick Cheney's quest for WMD's.

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June 27th, 2014
11:02 AM ET
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