June 25th, 2014
09:40 AM ET

4-Year-Old Stops Babysitter Robbery Plot

In today's edition of the "Good Stuff," a very special little girl foils a robbery and clears a neighbor at the same time. CNN's Chris Cuomo reports.

Abby Dean's 17-year-old babysitter, along with her boyfriend and another man, ripped off the house while she was supposed to be babysitting Abby.

“They told us to get out of the house cause they wanted to steal stuff ... the bad guys stole my kitty bank, they stole my iPod.” Abby said.

"I think that was really her being bad. She's not a good babysitter."

It gets worse.

The babysitter told the cops Abby's neighbor did it and the cops followed the lead.

Cody Oakes was put into handcuffs and questioned,but that's when Abby took a stand.

She told cops Cody couldn't have done it because "it wasn't the right skin color."

The suspects had white skin, not black.

As for all the stolen stuff?

Abby said “they got it back because of me being a superhero.”

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