June 19th, 2014
04:53 PM ET

The Dangerous Drug the Football Kids Are Doing

Why you should care

Because if you’re a football fan during the off-season, you probably still want to know what’s going down with your fave players.

Over the course of his six-season NFL career, Nate Jackson received a steady course of painkillers and anti-inflammatory meds from doctors. These pharmaceuticals crucially helped keep him on the field despite injuries as a tight end with the Denver Broncos.

But it wasn’t enough. Jackson also self-medicated with marijuana — a substance that is banned by the NFL and was illegal in Colorado at the time. That ban didn’t stop him as he sought relief from both the physical and mental stress of playing pro football.

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Don't Trust Your Fitbit
June 19th, 2014
04:43 PM ET

Don't Trust Your Fitbit

Fitness freaks, listen up: Your activity tracker is not as accurate as you think it is.

Researchers at Iowa State University tested eight different activity monitors to see just how accurate each model really is. They had 30 men and 30 women wear all the devices — as well as a portable metabolic analyzer as the comparison — during a 69-minute activity session, which included everything from writing at a computer to running to playing Wii tennis.

The result? Most trackers were reasonably accurate, their calories-burned estimates landing within 10 to 15 percent of the actual number. But the study did reveal that some models are more accurate than others. Choosing a tracker shouldn’t be about which one looks the coolest; function is what matters.

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Obama Faces Decision on Iraq
June 19th, 2014
01:27 PM ET

Obama Faces Decision on Iraq

Politicians are united in disagreement about Iraq. What is our responsibility in the crisis? Weigh in on our "New Day" Facebook page.


Up to 100 U.S. special forces - probably Green Berets, Army Rangers and Navy SEALs - would go to Iraq to advise its military and collect intelligence under a Pentagon plan offered to President Barack Obama, according to several U.S. officials.

An announcement on the plan could come Thursday, though the officials made clear that Obama will decide whether to accept it and when to announce it.

Obama is under pressure to help the embattled Iraqi government stave off a lightning advance toward Baghdad by Sunni fighters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

MORE on CNN.com as the story develops

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June 19th, 2014
01:11 PM ET

Hear the Mother of a Jailed U.S. Marine Plead for His Release

The mother of a U.S. Marine sergeant jailed in Mexico said she had failed her son.

Jill Tahmooressi was dissatisfied with the numerous legal teams hired, and felt helpless as Andrew, her son, sits languishing in a Tijuana jail. He was arrested after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border with several guns in his car in late March, and has been jailed there since. He insists that he accidentally crossed into Mexico on foot. The guns, Andrew told "New Day" earlier this month, are legally owned, and he says he had no intention of trafficking arms.

The case has yet to be tried before a judge.

Tahmooressi's family and friends also pressed their case in a White House petition that had more than 124,000 signatures - above the mark needed to garner an official government response.

Tahmooressi's frustration was palpable on "New Day" Thursday, when she publicly begged the State Department and President Obama to do something - anything - for her son.

"Please, please talk once again to the attorney general, who has the ability to dismiss this case," Tahmooressi said to CNN's Chris Cuomo.

Prior to his jailing, Andrew, an Afghanistan war veteran, had moved to Southern California to receive treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, his family said.

Meanwhile, Jill Tahmooressi is fearful that Andrew is not receiving the medicine he needs while detained in Mexico.

"There’s a great urgency for him to be released so that he can get the care that’s required,” she said.


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