May 25th, 2014
01:49 PM ET

Partner of Missing Passenger: "I Have No Confidence in Malaysia"

Inmarsat, the company whose satellites last communicated with missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 says it has handed over all raw data to the Malaysian government. But Malaysian officals say they will not release that data in order to protect the public.

Partner of missing Malaysia Airlines passenger Philip Wood says that this is just one more way to try and keep as much from the families as possible, and she will not trust the investigation until third parties are allowed 100 percent disclosure.

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  1. Ayrton

    Time is running out but the Malaysian authorities persist in misleading the international community for a better part of two weeks so that it can cover up it's incompetence and criminal negligence . First the Malaysian authorities declared that the 2 Iranians aboard MH370 entered Malaysia using Swiss and Austrian passports but then about a week later the truth finally came out that they in fact arrived using their Iranian passports and departed using the stolen Swiss and Italian passports . Then the Malaysian authorities declared that there were 4 passengers who checked in their baggage but never boarded the plane prompting the director general of the department of civil aviation to declare that their baggage were removed from the plane and thoroughly searched and given the all clear but again the truth finally came out that in fact the 4 passengers never checked in and were never present at the airport to board the flight in the first place with some already rescheduled their flights ??? So can the international media be showned the baggage that was checked and removed from the flight and searched as boldly declared by the dca ??? Then there is the mystery of how an unidentified aircraft which later turned out to be MH370 was allowed by the Royal Malaysian Airforce to fly across the entire breadth of the country unchallenged . This is not a surprise as the Malaysian authorities has been known to fabricate economic data at their whim and fancy . For example they boldly declare that there is full employment in Malaysia but a the strange thing is no such data exists on the number of unemployed as they never bothered to register the unemployed and a trip to the state of kelantan , which is ruled by the opposition and has been sabotaged by the federal government for more than 2 decades , will show that most of the youths are actually jobless and hanging around parks and shopping malls when they should be working . If they can lie about economic and immigration data , what else are they covering up ???

    May 27, 2014 at 4:58 am | Reply
  2. Ayrton

    Hamzah please explain Malaysia's concept of " ketuanan melayu " or " malay superiority " as enshrined in Malaysia's federal constitution and the concept of " Bumiputra " or " the prince of the land " status accorded to you malays which sounds alot like the "aryan race" concept of the #$%$ and also the special rights of the malays in multicultural malaysia (70% malay , 20% chinese , 5 % indians , 5% others ) to the worldwide community and let them be the judge of whether Malaysia is racist or not .
    Please explain your racial quotas that strictly set 60% of places in universities must go to the malays regardless of their qualifications and the other 40% is open to all races including the malays .
    Please explain the setting up of Universities (UiTM) , vocational institutes (IKM , Giatmara , IKBN ) and scholarships where the general entry requirement is that you are a malay and at the exclusion of all other minority races .
    Please explain why only malays (regardless of whether they are rich or poor ) get a compulsory 10% discount when they purchase a property whilst the minority races have to pay the full price even if they are poor and also why the minority races get to purchase only leasehold land whilst the malays get the freehold land .
    Please explain the malaysian's government policy of not allowing any new chinese or indian schools to be built even if they don't ask a cent from the government to which they pay the majority of income tax to .
    Please explain Malaysia's federal constitution stipulation that only a malay can ever become the prime minister , deputy prime minister , finance minister , defence minister , home minister , menteri besar and all " sensitive areas " which is strictly prohibited of other minority races .
    Please explain Malaysia's labour law which stipulates that 70% of hired labor in any organisation (whether public or private or government owned ) must be malay even though there are no qualified malay .
    Please explain Malaysia's corporate law that 30% of equity in public listed companies on the Bursa Malaysia or Malaysia stock exchange must be donated to the malays via a trust fund (Permodalan Nasional Berhad).
    Please explain why all government tenders for projects stipulates that the company vying for the projects must be malay companies and that a government department was set up to vet all such tenders to ensure the companies are malay companies and also the Class F contractors who must be malay contractors in order to tender for small government projects .
    Please explain why all contractors of Petronas ( the national oil company ) and all government link companies must be malay contractors regardless of their qualifications .
    Please explain the setting up of the " Biro Tata Negara " or the Bureau Of National Etiquettes whose sole aim is to brainwash the future generations on the superiority of the malay race over all other minority races and who's attendance is compulsory for all government scholars and civil servants .
    Please explain the 2 hours break time every friday and five times a day from work that is compulsory to be given to all malay muslims ONLY in order for them to pray which is not accorded to people of other faiths and religion .
    Please explain the government's funding of the construction of mosques for the muslim malays only and NOT to churches , temples or places of worship for devotees of other religion and the refusal of the local councils to grant approval for the construction of such other places of worship by the minority devotees themselves at their own expense using their own funds and land .
    Please explain the government's health policy of only requiring compulsory HIV testing for malay couples wishing to get married and not couples of other minority races .
    Hamzah when you can explain all the above then you can look me in the eye call me a " pendatang " ( a derogatory term meaning visitor frequently used by malays to describe fellow non malay malaysians who are 3rd generation or more ) and tell me that I am wrong about Malaysia being a racist , apartheid and anti-semitic state ruled by a corrupt regime , and that I should migrate to Australia if I disagree with Malaysia's " New Economic Policy " or the affirmative action for the majority malays .

    May 27, 2014 at 4:57 am | Reply
  3. Lee Sobel

    I followed this story, and the theory that makes the most sense, is that of the disgruntled pilot. First hand reports of the plane flying low enough to see the town in China where the pilot grew up were compelling. Sadly there were also people with false passports permitted on the plane, which supports the terrorist theory. Since no terrorist group has claimed responsibility, nor any neighbor country for political purposes, the fault is 100% the Airlines. A grossly underpaid, employed pilot, exploited by an oppressive, communist corporate culture in China, is the most probable explanation. Malaysia Airlines and it's primary stock holders, who have controlling interest in the company, and it's profits, should pay dearly. International Law should seek to quantify the percentage of monetary responsibility, that Communist oppression in Chinese corporate policy, needs to pay to compensate the victims. A new balance in corporate thinking, regarding compensation to airline employees, weighed against public safety, and public relations in the aftermath of Flight 370 will thus be achieved. Do not undercompensate the families of this tragedy, over-compensate them. Expose the weaknesses of Communism and seek to help transcend China and it's people to a more humane existence, for all our sake. No one dies in vain.

    May 26, 2014 at 11:38 am | Reply
  4. J. Adams

    Respected lady
    Good morning
    heartily I share with you the grief and sorrows you are undergoing after losing your dearest one. May God keep him smiling wherever is he now.
    But kindly before blaming Malysia, do think many times about the criminal silence of:
    Rolls Royace
    US Airbase at Diego Garcia
    All satellites which record data of aircraft

    Being an experienced aviation manager, in my opinion no plane like 777 can disappear like this without going noticed by these powerful sources. Secondly sorry to say perhaps never will the world know what happened to this ill-fated plane. as it seems to be the case of very very high-tech hijacking by some powerful sources which only the above-stated sources may be knowing. Putting blame on Malaysia is exactly like asking sheep telling the strength of a crocodile.
    Once again I fully share your feelings by heart.

    Robert .

    May 26, 2014 at 1:34 am | Reply
  5. Cordell Clark

    Why does a company that has, for decades, been able to help ocean submersibles find oil beneath the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, not be helpful in searching for Malaysia Flt. 370? The British satellite company, Inmarsat, provided information in the sesrch for the plane, passengers, & crew. This aircraft turned from its usual route over the South China Sea to fly west over the Gulf of Thailand & the Strait of Malacca. Here, communication was lost.

    Using satellites, Inmarsat deduced that 370 took a southern Indian Ocean route towards Indonesia. This was based on the Doppler Effect, which states that audible pings from the plane became weaker as it flew away from tracking satelliltes. Hence, the plane flew south. Minus this deduction, Inmarsat could have concluded that 370 flew north from the Strait of Malacca, towards the Indian Ocean's Bay of Bengal. This Bay is about the size of the Gulf of Mexico. Averagae Indian Ocean depth is 12,000 ft. but in the Bay of Bengal, there is an additional 15,000 ft. precipitous drop. Granted, finding oil is not the goal here, but locating that plane would be more valuable.

    May 25, 2014 at 5:48 pm | Reply

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