May 21st, 2014
01:35 PM ET

Man With 7th DUI Arrest Gets to Leave Jail to Work During the Day

Joshua Shaun Goodman of Washington state has been arrested for driving under the influence seven times.

Goodman was arrested in December on multiple charges after a passenger had to throw himself from Goodman's moving car in order to escape.

He also crashed his Ferarri into two cars and a house, and led police on a high speed chase which ended with their guns drawn.

At the time of arrest,  he registered a blood alcohol level of 0.16.

So what's the punishment for all that?

Goodman was sentenced by a judge to just one year of work release. He'll spend 364 nights in the county jail, but he's free to go to his job during the day.

His sentence has many in his community crying foul and saying he received leniency because of his wealth.

Goodman's lawyer, Paul Strophy, defended his client on "New Day" Wednesday, saying "I don’t think he’s getting special treatment."

"Anybody in my client's shoes would have gotten 364 days in jail ... the only concession Mr. Goodman got was the work release vs. straight time in jail."

Watch the interview above and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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May 21st, 2014
12:38 PM ET

Six Iranians Arrested for Making Fan Video of Pharrell Williams' 'Happy'

Apparently, dancing to a song about happiness in Iran can get you arrested.

Six Iranians are behind bars after they appeared in a fan video set to Pharrell Williams' "Happy," the American hit song that has sold millions of downloads worldwide.

Tehran Police Chief Hossein Sajedinia ordered the arrests of the three men and three women because they helped make an "obscene video clip that offended the public morals and was released in cyberspace," the Iranian Students' News Agency reported Wednesday.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani may think differently - if a post on his Twitter account is any indication.

"#Happiness is our people's right. We shouldn't be too hard on behaviors caused by joy," the post read in what appears to be a restatement of a Rouhani comment from 2013, based on a date accompanying the tweet.

Pharrell denounced the arrests.

"It is beyond sad that these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness," the Grammy Award winner said on his Facebook page.

Just like in the singer's original video, the Iranian fan version features a montage of men and women dancing to the song in a variety of settings.

Reihane Taravati, a woman who said she helped make the fan project, gushed over the reaction to the video in the days before the Tuesday arrests.

"178K VIEWS thank you," she wrote on her Facebook page last week.

She also posted a picture of people featured in the video on Instagram.

"People of Tehran are happy! Watch and Share Our Happiness!," Taravati wrote. "Let the world hear us! we are happy and we deserve to be!"

Taravati's last Facebook post came Sunday.

The arrests come amid growing support on Facebook for an unrelated project featuring photographs submitted by women who appear without the country's legally required head scarves.

The page, created May 3, now has 331,000 likes.


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May 21st, 2014
12:34 PM ET

Mayor's Advice to the Bullied: 'Grow a Pair'

The mayor of Porterville, California, has some advice for people who are bullied.

"I'm against bullying, but I'm getting damn tired of it being used as a mantra for everything, and the ills of the world," Mayor Cameron Hamilton said at a City Council meeting, according to CNN affiliate KFSN-TV in Fresno. "All most people just have to grow a pair, and stick up for them damn selves."

Hamilton made the controversial statement last week while discussing a proposal to create an anti-bullying safe zone for students, the TV station said.

Councilwoman Virginia Gurrola shot back, "It's hard to just grow a pair when you're a 10-year-old girl."

On Tuesday night, CNN's Don Lemon asked Hamilton if he wanted to apologize to victims of bullying.

"I didn't use the word 'youngsters,' " the mayor said, pointing out that he wasn't referring to children.

"In today's world, we've gotten to the point where we don't take any accountability for ourselves," he continued. "Or for those that are around us, our friends or for what we're doing in our schools."

The mayor defended himself, telling Lemon that he was in an "adult" meeting with no children around. But he conceded he probably could have used different words.

On Wednesday morning, Hamilton appeared on CNN's "New Day" and explained his thoughts more.

He said that he'd like to see people "standing up" for victims of bullying and that he wishes teachers would do more to stop school bullies.


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May 21st, 2014
12:29 PM ET

Conan Takes on Joe Biden's Prom Offer

John King showcases a joke by Conan O'Brien on an invitation extended to Joe Biden for prom.

“A high school girl has invited Joe Biden as her prom date. However her father is refusing to let her go with a guy who can't really describe what he does for a living.”


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