April 27th, 2014
08:10 AM ET

New Georgia Gun Law Sparks Controversy

A new gun law in Georgia is giving gun owners the go-ahead to pack heat in some pretty surprising places. A bar owner must now opt out if they want guns banned on the premises. And unless a police officer witnesses a crime, they are banned from asking individuals who brandish a gun to show their conceal and carry permit.
New Day Weekend spoke with gun control advocate Colin Goddard, who is also a survivor of the 2007 Virginia Tech Shooting, as well as Jerry Henry– executive director of Georgia Carry, the group that lobbied for the new law.

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  1. CA SB127 support

    There has been many gun law activities since the Newtown shooting as one can see fromt the following website:


    While there is division between the second amendment rights, and how far that is carried, and the interpretations thereof, we know that somehow guns will find their way into the hands of the mentally ill. Whether it is illegally obtained/carried as in Georgia starting July 1st or illegally obtained, it is important to address the mentally ill aspect of gun laws. California just passed Senate Bill 127 which supports a 24-hour reporting period for therapist whose client has communicated a serious threat of violence. This kind of bill can be used even in the new Georgia where guns can now be carried everywhere. Who knows which other state will follow suit?
    The most important is that guns are kept from the hands of those who are mentally ill who have risk of threat of violence.
    Instead of dividing down the line of second amendment interpretations, we can be unified in keeping guns out of the hands of the likes of Adam Lanza, as well as others like the Colorodo theater shooter, Mental health and guns do not mix. We can all start here.
    Please support bills like California Senate Bill 127 in your own state.
    Thank you!

    May 12, 2014 at 4:38 pm | Reply
  2. Armand Hamlett

    Georgia's new gun law!
    Guns Everywhere!
    To be aloud to take a gun just about anywhere you go! The airport! Too a school! Too a church or a bar sounds like a real stupid peace of legislation for some. And for others this bill is long over due!
    On one hand you have the criminal element, shooting and killing innocent people! On the other hand you have the innocent people wanting to be able to protect their selves. Their homes and their families.
    As opposed to coming up with strict common sense laws. Many people believe that we, all are better off if, everyone had and carried a gun!
    The police across the country are against this new Georgia law. And the NRA are jumping up and down in joy over it!

    For the NRA it means more gun sales! More money! For the police it adds more worries for when they arrive on the seen of a shooting and everyone has a gun out! Who is the perpetrator/perpetrators? Who are the victims/innocent bystanders!

    "I thought he was reaching for a gun!/he had a gun and turn towards me! Will become an everyday saying by the police! Not to mention how many innocent people could be killed by gun toting wanna be heroes on the seen of a Georgia mall shooting!
    Just imagine yourself in a crowded bar and someone drunk starts shooting. And everyone else pulls their gun and start shooting back! What would the casualty count be like?
    Of course this is a stupid law! But from a tactical point, it is a brilliant law, especially if the law is intended to give people a get out of jail free card!
    This law will give people the right to shoot people and get away with it. Their claim will be that he had a gun! And if there are no witnesses and a gun is found! Case closed! In other words, I can shoot you and plant a gun on your dead body!
    The only thing that, this laws does is, add more confusion! Fore this is the purpose of this law! Noting more! Nothing less!
    The ability to get away with murder has already been put into affect in Florida! Now Georgia wants to take it a step higher and create mass shoot outs! Everyone with a gun shooting at a target! Wright or wrong in doing so! In it's aftermath leaving a judge and jury to figure what really happened! Of course there will be that slick ass lawyer that will hold up that bill citing the defendants right to carry a gun! And that they were afraid of that, same person who also had a legal write to carry their gun, under that same exact law!

    Being that, this bill was signed into law, by a Southern Republican Governor. That happens to be white. Most likely a NRA card holder and get financial contributions from them! What are the chances that African Americans and Latinos will be highly victimized by this law?

    Why was this law passed without public knowledge!

    How many black people will have to die! And protest will be need, before they get rid of this law!
    My bad I know the answer to that one!
    When some crazy white boy, goes to one of your mostly white populated suburban malls, starts shooting and everyone pulls their guns out and start shooting back! Hitting innocent people! Only gods knows what the fall out will be, once the police get on the scene and pull their guns out and start shooting. I bet you will change it then! Just think this was passed by a Governor that couldn't pass a bill for the removal of 2 inches of snow! Georgia Governor Nathan Deal! Get used to the name! You will be hearing it very often, in the near future, over this law! http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/04/23/georgia-gun-law/8046315/
    Armand Hamlett

    April 28, 2014 at 1:26 pm | Reply
  3. mec

    Such "nightclub" owners that post their premises against licensed carriers will find themselves in the same situation that occurs when other businesses exercise that option. Their customer base will depart trailing rude comments behind them. One major factor infuencing this gun law and a trend for the same throughout the South is the gun industry's abandonment of the leftist democrat North with their hostility to individual rights and predatory approach to productive businesses as a whole.
    It may come about that the former industrial North East will become a left-wing democrat slum with entitlement drones and anti-freedom crusaders stewing in the miasma of their own excrement.

    April 27, 2014 at 10:44 am | Reply

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