March 11th, 2014
11:05 AM ET

No Joke: Obama Interviewed by Zach Galifianakis

President Obama took his message of health care for all to a cult internet comedy show, in an effort to get young people to sign up for Obamacare.

He appeared alongside Zach Galifianakis in the comedian and actor's mock talk-show called "Between Two Ferns." The interview with the President was recorded last month and posted Tuesday morning on the popular website "Funny or Die."

The six and a half minute wide ranging interview touched on pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys, to the president's ambassadorial picks, and health care. Galifianakis has become notorious for trying to make his guests on "Between Two Ferns" feel uncomfortable. But Obama appeared to hold his own, giving as good as he got.

On ambassadors:
Galifianakis: So how does this work? Do you send Ambassador Rodman to North Korea on your behalf? I read somewhere that you'd be sending Hulk Hogan to Syria, or is that more of a job for Tonya Harding.
Obama: Zach – he's not our ambassador.

On being President:
Galifianakis: What's it like to be the last black president?
Obama: Seriously, what's it like for this to be the last time you ever talk to a president?

On same sex marriage:
You know what I would do if I were president, Mr. President, I would make same-sex divorce illegal. Then see how bad they want it.
Obama: I think that's why you're not president, and that's a good thing.

On Obamacare:
Galifianakis: So do you go to any websites that are dot-coms, or dot-nets, or do you mainly just stick with dot-govs?
Obama: No actually we go to dot-govs, have you heard of
Galifianakis: Oh here we go, okay let's get this out of the way, what did you come here to plug?
Obama: Well first of all I think it's fair to say I wouldn't be with you here today if I didn't have something to plug.
Have you heard about the Affordable Care Act?
Galifianakis: Oh yeah, I've heard about that. That's the thing that doesn't work? Why would you  get the guy who created the Zune to make your website?
Obama: works great now. And millions of Americans have already gotten health insurance plans and what we want is for people to know that you can get affordable health care. And most young Americans, right now they're not covered. And the truth is that they can get coverage all for what it costs you to pay your cellphone bill.

On NSA Snooping:
Galifianakis: I don't have a phone, I'm off the grid. I don't want you people reading my texts, you know what I mean?
Obama: First of all Zac, no one is interested in your texts.

Undaunted, Obama brings the conversation back to Obamacare, and adds,  "But second of all you can do it in person, and the law means that insurers can't discriminate against you if you have a preexisting condition any more."

Galifianakis then rolls up his sleeve and shows the President an ailment on his arm, that Obama says is "disgusting" And tells him he needs to get it checked right away. He then makes one more plug for Obamacare saying, "Zac you need to get that checked right away. You need to get on because that's one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen.'

Galifianakis retorts, "Is your plug finally over?"

"I suppose so." Says the President.

At the end of the sketch, Obama pushes a button on a table between them, and a black curtain behind them falls to the ground, and reveals that Galifianakis has actually been taping his show in the Diplomatic Room at the White House.  Galifianakis thanks the president for the interview and then adds, "Thanks for letting me shoot my show here all these years."

Obama asks, "Who gave you permission to do that?" Galifianakis responds, "Bush."

To say that "Between Two Ferns"  is an unusual outlet for a President is an understatement.  The show has a reputation for getting raunchy, and being very unscripted.

For example, when Justin Bieber appeared on set Galifianakis told him, "Your dirty young punk attitude is not gonna work in this interview."

The comedian then called Bieber out for urinating in public, and then took off his belt and started whipping Bieber, telling him he didn't really think Bieber's mother would mind.

Galifianakis also made waves when he asked actress Natalie Portman for her phone number, and whether she shaved her private parts.

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March 11th, 2014
10:59 AM ET

Justin Bieber Battles Lawyer in Deposition Video

Don't ask Justin Bieber about Selena Gomez. It's a touchy subject.

In fact, Bieber appeared reluctant to answer any questions from an attorney for a photographer who accuses Bieber of ordering a bodyguard to attack him last summer.

Several video clips of the deposition, which a Miami judge ordered in the photographer's lawsuit against Bieber, were posted Monday on the celebrity news website TMZ. The release comes just days after another Miami judge released video of Bieber giving a urine sample in jail after an arrest on a driving under the influence charge in January.

In video from the deposition, Bieber primped and winked to the camera at times, but he was a hostile witness for most of the four hours of questioning by Miami lawyer Mark DiCowden, who represents photographer Jeffrey Binion.

Bieber's attorney objected when DiCowden asked if he ever dated Gomez. Bieber had a long-term relationship with Gomez, which included many encounters with the paparazzi.

"Sounds like you're trying to harass him," his lawyer said.

DiCowden followed up by asking Bieber, 20, if he had "ever discussed his feelings about paparazzi with Gomez?"

"Don't ask me about her again," Bieber answered. He wagged a finger at the lawyer, repeating at least six times, "Don't ask me about her again."

At times Bieber closed his eyes, appearing to tune out the lawyer. "I don't have to listen to anything you have to say," Bieber told DiCowden.

He compared the lawyer to journalist Katie Couric. "It seems like a '60 Minutes' interview," Bieber said.

Evidence of Bieber's reluctance also came when he was asked if he knew "an entertainer by the name of Usher."

"Yeah, Usher, that sounds familiar," Bieber answered. He later acknowledged Usher was a close friend, but he downplayed the singer's role in his career.

"Isn't it true that Usher was instrumental in starting your career?" DiCowden asked.

"I was found on YouTube," Bieber replied. "I think that I was detrimental to my own career."

After prompting from his attorney, Bieber revised his answer to say "instrumental" - not "detrimental."

Bieber may have been too quick to respond when DiCowden asked him if he had a perscription for the sedative Xanax.

"No, sir," Bieber replied.

"Give me a chance to object, ok," his lawyer then whispered to Bieber.

A toxicology report released by Miami Beach police said Xanax was present in Bieber's system when he was arrested on a DUI charge in January.

Bieber's combativeness extended toward the court reporter who was transcribing his answers. When she remarked she could not hear Bieber's whispered answer to a question, he replied, " 'Yes' and 'no' are f–king pretty different."

Lawyers for each side did not immediately respond to CNN request for comment.

Bieber is likely to get more experience dealing with lawyers' questions in the coming months.

He faces the DUI charge that could go to a trial in Miami as well as an assault charge in Toronto. A Los Angeles prosecutor also is close to a decision in a possible vandalism case over an alleged egg attack on the mansion of a Bieber neighbor in Calabasas, California.

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March 11th, 2014
10:02 AM ET

Reggie Love Shares Advice on Success

Reggie Love, the former personal aide to Barack Obama, stopped by "New Day" Tuesday to speak about being a mentor and share his advice on success.

Love is involved in the President's program "My Brother's Keeper" – a new initiative to help young men and boys of color succeed.

"You only make a first impression once," he says. "Make it a great one."


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March 11th, 2014
08:29 AM ET

Mystery Passengers ID'd

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 does not appear to be related to terrorism, the head of the international police organization Interpol said Tuesday.

"The more information we get, the more we're inclined to conclude that it was not a terrorist incident" Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said at a news conference in Lyon, France.

Among the evidence pointing in that direction, he said: news from Malaysian authorities that one of two people said to be traveling on stolen passports, an Iranian, was trying to travel to his mother in Germany.

Further, there's no evidence to suggest either was connected to any terrorist organizations, according to Malaysian investigators.


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