February 10th, 2014
02:28 PM ET

Come on Westminster Kennel Club, End the #WarOnLabs! – By John Berman

By CNN's John Berman

With the Westminster Dog show upon us, I would like to shine the spotlight on a serious matter that requires national attention and a healthy dose of cable outrage.

You know what dog is the most popular in America for the 23rd straight year?  The lab.  Chocolate lab, black lab, yellow lab…America loves our Labrador retrievers.   Golden retrievers too.  They were 4th most popular

They fetch stuff.  They farm, they hunt, they bark.  They wag their tails.  They are dogs with a capital "D"

But you know what dog has never won best in show at the Westminster Dog Show?  That's right.  The lab, the golden.  No retriever. Not once, not ever.

Instead they award scottish terriers, Norwich terriers, this terrier, that terrier.  Affenpinshcer Pekingnese, …even a Bichon Frise.   Think about that…Pekingnese and Bichon Frise…these animals with their curls and frills and manscaping…or Bison Frise-scaping in this case.  These animals are cute, sure.  These animals fit nicely in your lap, absolutely.  But where I come from we have a name for cute animals that fit on your lap.  Where I come from, we call them CATS!

And this is the Westminster DOG show.  So "At This Hour" I call on Westminster to end this outrage, allow labs and goldens not just in the Public square but in the winners  circle…. End this "War on Labs"

Thank you.

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"New Day" Wrap Up – 2/10/14 – Monday
February 10th, 2014
12:04 PM ET
February 10th, 2014
11:49 AM ET

Actor Jason Patric Fights Restraining Order in Tense Custody Battle

Actor Jason Patric has been fighting for custody of his 4-year-old son Gus for nearly a year.

His ex-girlfriend, Danielle Schreiber, is now filing a restraining order that would ban Patric from saying Gus' name or showing his face anywhere in public or in private without her permission, CNN's Chris Cuomo reports.

The ruling would impact "Stand up for Gus" – Patric's organization that aims to help other unmarried dads in similar custody battles. Though the actor says everything he's done has been for his son – whom he longs to be reunited with.

"She wants to take away my constitutional, First Amendment rights," Patric said, adding that if she is successful, everyone's right to freedom of speech is endangered.

Thanks to a loophole in California's law on sperm donors, a man whose sperm is used by a fertility clinic must have agreed in writing to their plans to co-parent. Otherwise, he is not considered the natural father.

Patric says he and his ex-girlfriend, Danielle Schreiber, tried to have a baby together for years before eventually getting pregnant through in-vitro fertilization using Patric's sperm. But Schreiber says she was always supposed to be the sole parent.

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February 10th, 2014
11:21 AM ET

CNN Anchor Talks About Finding Her Identity

In today's edition of the "Good Stuff," we celebrate anchor Michaela Pereira as a source of inspiration for adopted children everywhere.

In the March issue of "Essence Magazine," Pereira writes about being adopted and wondering about her birth parents.

"I was especially curious about my father," she says. "So much of who I am on the outside – my skin color, eye color, and hair – is because of him."

Pereira shared her story on "New Day" Monday and said though her birth father eventually rejected having a relationship with her, the experience brought her to meet a sister she didn't know she had.

"I've also learned that there's a silver lining in very, very, dark clouds. I found my birth sister, Marnie."

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