November 25th, 2013
08:28 AM ET

Accused Predator Blames Twin, Judge Okays "Evil Twin" Defense at Trial

It's a mind-boggling surprise in whodunit mysteries and soap operas, but a soldier in Colorado is using the dramatic ploy for real in a criminal courtroom: his "evil twin" may be responsible for the sex crimes against girls that he's now accused of, CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.

The soldier's defense rests partly on the fact he and his identical twin brother have virtually the same DNA, an attempt to undercut authorities' allegations that the DNA from the crime scenes belongs to the soldier.

The defendant, Aaron Gregory Lucas, 32, is also a suspect in sex crimes in two other states, authorities say. In addition to raising his twin brother as a suspect, Lucas also claims that a third man may be the culprit in some of the crimes, court papers say.

A Colorado judge in El Paso County ruled last week that Lucas will be allowed to name his twin brother, Brian Lucas, as a suspect in his defense. The judge also allowed the defense attorneys to use the name of a third man as a suspect, too.

The twin brother, who hasn't been charged in the any of the crimes, could not be reached by CNN for comment.

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November 25th, 2013
07:32 AM ET

Connecticut School Shooting Report To Be Released Today

Twenty-six people - 20 students and six adults - were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14. Details continue to emerge about what precisely happened.

Today, almost one year to the date,  the Danbury State Attorney will release a long-awaited report into the shooting, CNN's Susan Candiotti reports.

He made sure families were briefed ahead of time about what he would reveal.

The summary of the 11-month investigation is expected "to include a timeline of shooter Adam Lanza's movements, beginning in the morning when he killed his mother, Nancy, at her home before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary School - where he blasted his way in through a glass window and fired over 150 shots from an assault rifle in about five minutes.”

It excludes the 911 calls alerting authorities to the shooting, however.

"The Connecticut State Freedom of Information Commission ordered the release of the tapes back in September, overruling objections by Newtown officials," Candiotti says. "Local residents are at odds over whether the calls should be made public."

Today, a court is expected to decide on their release.

Also, a more comprehensive account of the massacre, including photos and witness statements reportedly thousands of pages long, is set to be released in its entirety sometime next year.

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November 25th, 2013
07:31 AM ET

Putin meets Pope, Russian President is on 2-day Visit to the Vatican

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis are set to meet at the Vatican today.

The two will reportedly discuss a number of topics including developments in Syria.

The meeting is striking because it’s “a meeting of two different personalities; the self-styled Russian strong man and the famously humble Catholic pope,” says CNN’s Phil Black.

“But at the moment they have a lot more in common, particularly on the issue of Syria, where the Vatican has publicly backed Russia's position opposing any sort of outside military intervention, even in response to the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government. Russia likes that, because it gives their position much more moral authority.”

CNN’s Ben Wedeman says the focus today will be “on the plight of Christians in the Middle East, given the turmoil in places like Syria and Egypt.”

Russia, tied to the Orthodox Church and historically at odds with the Vatican, is allying itself to the Catholic Church now “because both churches see themselves as fighting what they describe as aggressive secularism across Western society, which they say is replacing traditional values,” Black explains.

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November 25th, 2013
07:18 AM ET

Boeing Issues Warning About Engine Icing on Dreamliner Planes

Boeing has warned airlines to keep some 747-8 and 787 aircraft away from certain storms because of possible icing problems in engines, CNN Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans reports.

The aircraft manufacturer sent a message to "customers who operate some GE-powered engines after instances of ice crystal icing that resulted in temporary diminished engine performance," spokesman Marc Birtel said in a statement.

Boeing said pilots should keep the planes at least 50 nautical miles from storms that may contain ice crystals until General Electric can make improvements to the "GEnx" engines.

Only a small number of the engines have had a problem with ice crystals, the statement said.

Boeing began delivering its 787 Dreamliners in 2011. The model is billed as a super-efficient, high-technology airliner of the future, and it flew without major problems for a year.

But a battery fire forced the diversion of an All Nippon Airways flight in January 2013. The entire fleet of 50 planes was grounded for four months while Boeing made repairs.

Later, a United Airlines Dreamliner made an emergency landing in Houston with brake problems and a fire broke out on an unoccupied Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner in London. There also have been investigations into a faulty fuel pump indicator, an electric panel, a plane oven and emergency beacons.

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