November 1st, 2013
09:07 AM ET

New Software Allows Facebook to Track Mouse Movements

It's called "Facebook stalking." you know - hunting down someone's Facebook page, and looking at their photos and postings.

But the term is taking on a new meaning now that the site plans to track the movements of your mouse!

Yes – Facebook could soon be stalking you.

Well, is it new? Facebook already has access to petabytes of data listing your personal information and the websites you visit.

Brett Larson, host of Techbytes, explains that Facebook says this new feature will help create a better user experience because it will know where a user’s mouse goes on the page.

The strategy is to really assist advertisers and alert them to where users tend to spend most of their time on the screen, Larson says.

“Also for advertisers, they can say, ‘well, you know, people are hovering on your ad but they’re not clicking on it, so we’re going to charge you for that.’ There’s that definite potential.”

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November 1st, 2013
09:06 AM ET

Texas Police Officer Shot in Face, Captures Alleged Shooter

A Texas police officer approaches a car on a routine traffic stop when a passenger shoots her twice at point-blank range.

Bleeding and in severe pain - Stafford police officer Ann Carrizales still set off after the suspects.

“One bullet hit her police vest, the other pierced her face. Wounded and in serious pain, police say she managed to return fire before getting back in her car and pursuing the suspects in a high speed car chase,” reports CNN's Pamela Brown.

The injured former marine chased the suspects for 7 minutes through the streets near Houston until the three men in the car ran into an apartment building.

The alleged 21 year-old shooter, Sergio Rodrigues, was taken into custody.

Police say, the other two men on the run are 28 year old Freddy Henriquez - a suspected gang member considered to be armed and dangerous.. And a man who goes by the name Daniel Cruz.

Carrizales was rushed to the hospital after she got out of her cruiser and other officers rush to her aid.

She is now recovering at home with her family and says, “I just want to give myself some time to relax and kind of feel the beauty of life that I was blessed to have.”

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November 1st, 2013
07:45 AM ET

Teen's Mysterious Death Gets Federal Review

Nearly 10 months after their son died, the parents of Kendrick Johnson are finally getting what they've been asking for: another investigation into the teen's mysterious death in the gym of Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia.

Michael Moore, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, said Thursday that federal authorities will investigate the circumstances behind the death of Johnson, whose bloody body was found inside a rolled-up gym mat on January 11.

Johnson's family suspects the 17-year-old was murdered and that someone has tried to cover up evidence in the case.

While warning his jurisdiction is limited as a federal prosecutor, Moore said that after lengthy review of evidence collected by authorities and the family's own investigator that "sufficient basis exists" to warrant a formal review of the facts.

Major developments in the case are expected over the next several days. The attorney for the sheriff’s office is working to transfer the hours—almost thousands worth, of surveillance footage from in and around to both the family and to CNN as a result of a lawsuit, CNN’s Victor Blackwell reports.

The coroner has said he will make an announcement in the next day or so about his decision to make an inquest. “That inquest could change the official cause of death from accident to homicide, which could then open a local investigation into what happened to Kendrick Johnson.”


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November 1st, 2013
07:43 AM ET

FAA Relaxing Restrictions on Electronics

Airplane travelers will soon be able to watch videos and play games with their electronic devices throughout their entire flight - and not just above a certain altitude - the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday in a long anticipated announcement.

But don't expect to be chatting on your cell phone. A ban on using cell phones for voice communication remains in effect.

The FAA, following months of study by a group of aviation experts, said that airlines can soon allow passengers to use portable electronic devices such as tablets, laptop computers, e-readers and cell phones in airplane mode throughout the flight - with some circumstantial restrictions.

The FAA does make this point that in certain circumstances you will be asked to turn it off in-flight,”CNN Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans explains.

“It’s about 1% of flights, they’re going to tell you that landing systems may not be proven to be, as they call them PED tolerant (personal electronic device tolerant). So they’ll have you turn off your stuff in a very low-visibility situation.”


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