October 30th, 2013
07:54 AM ET

Raid to Capture Benghazi Suspect was in Place, but Never Ordered

When U.S. commandos grabbed a former al Qaeda operative in Tripoli this month, American forces were just hours away from potentially launching a more dangerous covert raid to capture a militia figure facing charges in the deadly Benghazi terror attack, U.S. officials tell CNN.

U.S. special operations forces were ready, if ordered, to enter Benghazi and capture Ahmed Abu Khattalah, a leading figure in the Ansar Al-Sharia militia.

“But when all of the turmoil happened, the concern became that the U.S. activity might be so destabilizing to the fragile Libyan government and they had to hold back,” CNN’s Barbara Starr reports. “The mission didn’t happen.”

The United States believes Ansar Al-Sharia was behind the September 2012 armed assault on the U.S. diplomatic mission that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

President Barack Obama has openly said it is a "priority" to bring the Benghazi suspects "to justice." The FBI continues to investigate the attack and Khattalah is under federal indictment, CNN's Evan Perez has reported.


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October 30th, 2013
07:39 AM ET

Why You May Not Be Able To Keep Your Health Care Plan

More than a million Americans have now received notices that their health coverage is being cancelled and they can't keep their old plans, CNN's Christine Romans reports.

That's because the plans don't meet the minimum standards required under the Affordable Care Act, including a $6,350 limit on annual out-of-pocket costs and coverage of mental health, maternity and medication.

These new requirements are forcing many insurers to either add benefits or terminate the policies. The new offerings usually come at higher rates because they have more comprehensive coverage and must be offered to people with pre-existing conditions. Many insurers have been able to keep rates low because they offered catastrophic plans with high deductibles and minimal benefits, and they could cherry pick among applicants to only pick the healthiest ones.

Customers have been getting letters informing them of the changes to or cancellation of their policies, often along with their insurer's offerings for 2014. While it's not uncommon for insurers to change policies from year-to-year, the sticker shock has caused outrage and alarm among some.

Only a handful of existing plans will be grandfathered in since the qualifying criteria is hard to meet: Members have to have been enrolled in the policy before the ACA passed in March 2010, and the plan has to have maintained fairly steady co-pay, deductible and coverage rates until now.

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October 30th, 2013
07:10 AM ET

College App Site Rife With Glitches

The most stressful part of getting to a great university is the dreaded college application process. For this year's crop of high school seniors, there's even more angst than usual as a website designed to make the whole process easier is plagued by glitches, CNN's Chris Frates reports.

The common application was designed to let students apply to multiple schools by filling out a single application. This year, the common app retired its paper version and went exclusively online. And that's when problems like login errors, lagging credit card payments and delayed applications began.

Daniel Wolfe, a high school senior, says, "it can be a little stressful knowing that they're having technical problems."

Common app estimates that this year about 800,000 students will submit millions of applications to more than 500 schools.

Common app did not respond to multiple interview requests, but in a statement to CNN, they said:

"As we approach the busy deadline season, we are fully committed to ensuring complete and timely review of applications for all common application members particularly those with November 1st deadlines."

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October 30th, 2013
06:39 AM ET

Sebelius On The Hot Seat For Obamacare Website

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is just hours from entering the lion's den.

At 9 a.m. ET, Sebelius will face off with House Republicans who've been calling for her head over the botched Obamacare rollout, CNN's Brianna Keilar reports.

According to a confidential report obtained by CNN, this hearing comes after the Obama administration was given stark warnings just one month before the healthcare.gov launch that the federal healthcare site was not ready to go live.

At the hearing, Sebelius is expected to point a finger at some of the private contractors her agency hired.

Last week those very contractors pointed the finger at HHS.

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