October 14th, 2013
08:23 AM ET

Palin Campaigns For N.J. Senate Hopeful

What does a candidate do if he's down in the polls, days from the election, and his opponent is a political celebrity?

Answer: Bring in his own celebrity.

That's what Senate hopeful Steve Lonegan did this weekend, just days before he faces off against Democratic nominee and Newark Mayor Cory Booker in New Jersey's special U.S. Senate election on Wednesday.

His wild card? Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.


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October 14th, 2013
08:15 AM ET

Lost In The Wilderness: 72-Year-Old Man Survives 19 Days, Eating Lizards, Squirrel

When he came to, Gene Penaflor knew he had to do something. He didn't know how long he'd been unconscious. Just that there he was in the middle of the wilderness, a man of 72, who lost his way while hunting deer.

He had to quickly figure out how to survive, what to eat and drink and how to stay warm.

And for the next three weeks, Penaflor did just that: subsisting on a diet of lizards, frogs and squirrels.

Penaflor was separated from his hunting buddy on September 24. At first, he tried find his way on foot out of the Mendocino National Forest, a vast nature preserve in northern California. But he was disoriented and quickly gave up.


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October 14th, 2013
08:03 AM ET

Vikings Star Adrian Peterson Plays After Tragic Loss Of Son

A 2-year-old boy who was reportedly the son of Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson died Friday of injuries he suffered after allegedly being abused, police said.

NPR Sports Correspondent Mike Pesca gives his analysis saying: 'If his way to deal with this is to play football, how can we judge?'

The player tweeted on October 11: "The NFL is a fraternity of brothers and I am thankful for the tweets, phone calls and text messages from my fellow players."

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, police said Joseph Robert Patterson, 27, has been charged with aggravated battery of an infant and aggravated assault. If convicted on the charges, both felonies, Patterson could face up to 40 years in prison and an $80,000 fine.

Prosecutors are considering filing additional charges against Patterson in light of the boy's death, according to police.


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October 14th, 2013
07:45 AM ET

Users Continue To Face Obamacare Glitches

Analysts worry Obamacare problems could linger as CNN's Elizabeth Cohen shows as she tries unsuccessfully to set up an account.

Online snags are hindering the health care sign up as the deadline for January coverage is Dec. 15.

Cohen says she's tried since day one, nearly two weeks ago, to create an account and login on healthcare.gov.

She adds, 'When I've called the 1-800 number for help, the reps tell me volume is high, and to try during off peak hours.'

But even those attempts at odd hours of the day have been unsuccessful.

Independent analysts tells CNN the problems go way beyond high volume and minor glitches. They say the site fails to follow even basic protocols in its coding.

There is always the old-fashioned option of enrolling over the phone and using snail-mail.

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