October 3rd, 2013
10:16 AM ET

Bank Fees Hit Record Highs

ATM fees are at all-time high and overdraft fees increase for a fifteenth straight year, CNN Business Correspondent Christine Romans reports.

Romans has the following suggestions to combat these record fees. She says do direct deposit as sometimes you can get free checking, make sure your ATM is in your bank's network, check out credit unions, link your checking and savings accounts and turn off overdraft protection.

Here's a look at the highest and lowest average ATM fees across the country:

Highest Average ATM Fees*

1. Denver ($4.70)
2. Milwaukee ($4.59)
3. Atlanta ($4.45)
4. Phoenix ($4.44)
5. Houston ($4.38)

*Reflects both ATM fees combined (those charged by the ATM operator and those charged by the consumer's own financial institution)

Lowest Average ATM Fees*

1. Baltimore ($3.59)
2. Los Angeles ($3.70)
3. Boston ($3.72)
4. Pittsburgh ($3.76)
5. Philadelphia ($3.90)

*Reflects both ATM fees combined (those charged by the ATM operator and those charged by the consumer's own financial institution)

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October 3rd, 2013
10:08 AM ET

Rep. Steve King: Debt Ceiling Limit, Default Talk Is "False Demagoguery"

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) tells “New Day” Anchor Chris Cuomo that talk of the debt ceiling limit and default is “false demagoguery,” and the Oval Office is responsible for the “spiteful act” of closing the World War II memorial.

On the government shutting down the World War II memorial, Rep. King says, “That was the first act that took place. It had to be ordered directly out of the Oval Office. And it was a spiteful act. If you saw those veterans come up there yesterday and the day before, they haven’t seen that memorial in their lifetime. It was built for them, and they were shut out. I think that’s the image that Americans have in their mind right today.”

When Cuomo asks Rep. King if he is going to try to defund Obamacare through the debt ceiling deadline and if he is willing to collapse the United States credit to make a point, the lawmaker replies “I don’t think the credit of the United States is going to be collapsed. I think that all this talk about a default has been a lot of… false demagoguery. We have plenty of money coming in to service the debt. When we stop servicing the debt, that would be default. We’re a long, long ways from that. And I think we need to have cool heads and get to a solution.”

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October 3rd, 2013
08:28 AM ET

NYPD Investigates Motorcycle-SUV Road Brawl

Police are seeking the public’s help to find any of the riders involved in a SUV biker brawl in New York Sunday that ended with the SUV driver beaten and a rider in a coma—most of the violent chase caught on video.

One biker was charged Wednesday, while another was released. “So far no charges have been filed in connection with the assault on the SUV driver, Alexian Lien,” reports CNN’s Pamela Brown.

Some of the motorcyclists involved in the chase appeared last night at a vigil for Edwin "Jay" Mieses, the biker who was seriously injured by Lien's range rover as it was trying to escape the melee.

“Some of Mieses' supporters are upset that the bikers were portrayed as the aggressors in this road fight gone viral -  saying charges should be considered against the SUV driver,” Brown says.


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October 3rd, 2013
08:26 AM ET

AEG Live Cleared; Jackson Family Gets Nothing in Wrongful Death Suit

A Los Angeles jury decided Wednesday that AEG Live hired Dr. Conrad Murray, but also concluded that the concert promoter was not liable for Michael Jackson's drug overdose death, CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.

"I counted Michael Jackson a creative partner and a friend," the company's CEO Randy Phillips said. "We lost one of the world's greatest musical geniuses, but I am relieved and deeply grateful that the jury recognized that neither I, nor anyone else at AEG Live, played any part in Michael's tragic death."

The verdict brings the five-month-long trial to a close.

"AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray, the man who is in jail for killing Michael Jackson," according to a statement from family matriarch Katherine Jackson and her lawyers. "All options regarding the balance of the jury verdict are being considered."

Tom Mesereau, one of Michael Jackson's former defense attorneys, weighs in to dig through the legal ramifications of the AEG trial outcome.

“I think the evidence was overwhelming that he was incompetent, that AEG was involved in a conflict of interest with Dr. Murray, that they were pressuring him because they were paying his exorbitant salary,” Mesereau says.

“I'm surprised by this somewhat contradictory position the jury took. I don't think they really analyzed things properly.”

There are more issues that he thinks will be raised if the plaintiffs appeal.

"This case is not over, from what I hear. "


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