October 2nd, 2013
10:30 AM ET

Suspect Charged In Bomb Scare At Jacksonville Airport

A bomb scare that forced the evacuation of Jacksonville International Airport was a hoax, officials said Wednesday.

A suspect was arrested after the incident Tuesday, CNN's John Berman reports.

Zeljko Causevic, 39, is charged with one count of making a false report about planting a bomb, and one count of manufacturing, possessing, selling or delivering a "hoax bomb," according to Jacksonville Aviation Authority spokesman Michael Stewart.

He was arrested at the airport.

There was no immediate public statement by an attorney on Causevic's behalf.

The FBI is assisting in the probe.

For more, visit CNN.com. 

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October 2nd, 2013
10:19 AM ET

Rep. Hoyer: There May Be Enough "Rational Republicans" Joining Dems To Pass Continuing Resolution

While House Minority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) knocks down the GOP’s piecemeal approach to funding parts of the government, telling “New Day” Anchor Kate Bolduan that there may be “enough rational Republicans” joining Democrats to pass a funding bill to overcome the government shutdown.

Rep. Hoyer says, “It appears that we may be getting to a place where there are going to be enough rational Republicans to join with the Democrats and pass what is a continuing resolution, which will fund government, get us open, give us the opportunity over the next six weeks to see if we can come to an agreement for a final resolution for the balance of the year. A cooling off period, if you will. That makes sense for the American people. Makes sense for the government. Makes sense for the country.”

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October 2nd, 2013
10:03 AM ET

When Road Rage And Guns Mix

Many of us have heard of or witnessed road rage incidents firsthand when people roll down the window and yell or even give the finger. But in this latest incident, a 51-year-old doctor, shown in an eyewitness video pulling out a gun and allegedly firing it, has been extradited from Indiana to Kentucky where he will face a judge Wednesday.

CNN's Pamela Brown reports.

David Kollar says he noticed Perrin Dobyns driving recklessly in his black sedan and passing cars in the emergency lane on I-75 in Kentucky.

Kollar says it was his filming of the reckless driving that led the other man to reach for his weapon.

"I get behind him to get his license plate number and I had my phone out so I could record it. I'm sure he saw me back there trying to videotape him and was upset about that."

The driver then rolls down his window, pulls out what appears to be a pistol and aims it squarely at the motorist filming him.

Kollar says, "The window comes down, he pulls up a gun and fires, almost immediately he fires. As soon as I see the gun come up, I just hit the brake and he missed me."

The man immediately gets off the interstate, goes home, and calls the police.

Kentucky State Police say there was no evidence Dobyns hit any person or vehicle with the alleged gun shot, but they do credit Kollar's video in helping lead them to an arrest.

Dobyns faces a felony charge of wanton endangerment, which is punishable by up to five years in prison on conviction.

He will appear before a judge in a Madison County, Kentucky.

His attorney could ask for a hearing in which a trooper would have to testify in front of a grand jury that would then choose to indict Dobyns or drop the case.

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October 2nd, 2013
09:45 AM ET

GOP Congressman: Let's Tackle Shutdown, Debt Ceiling At Same Time

Congress could kill two birds with one stone by ending the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling all at once, a Republican congressman from New York said Wednesday.

"There is a strong possibility, if [Senate Democrats] were willing to sit down and listen to us, that we would put a package together and solve the problems at once: stop the government shutdown and deal with the debt ceiling," Rep. Michael Grimm said on CNN's "New Day."

The federal government enters Day Two of its shutdown after the Republican-led House tried but failed to pass a piecemeal funding plan Tuesday night to pay for the District of Columbia, veterans affairs and national parks.

Even though it fell short of the required two-thirds vote, it would have had no future in the Democratic-led Senate anyway, and the White House had already promised a veto.


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