August 29th, 2013
01:31 PM ET

Shellie Zimmerman Says Her Marriage is Strained

In a new interview with ABC's "Good Morning America," George Zimmerman's wife Shellie says the couple still receives death threats and implies her marriage is strained.

This new information comes a day after she pleads guilty to perjury for lying about the couple's finances last year in a Sanford, Florida, court, CNN's Chris Cuomo reports.

When asked if she wants to stay married and have children with George, Shellie replies, "That's something I'm going to have to think about."

George's spouse also spoke to how the couple has lived in fear.

"We have been pretty much gypsies for the past year and a half, " she says. "We lived in a 20 ft. trailer in the woods, scared every night that someone was going to find us and that it would be horrific.

CNN's Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin says he has more sympathy for the Martin family, whose son Trayvon was killed by Zimmerman, than the couple.

Toobin also discusses the perjury charge and says of Shellie:

"She got caught up in the whole situation because when he was about to be released on bail, she was asked about his assets and they had actually conspired with each other to cover up the fact that he had about $100,000 in contributions."

HLN Legal Analyst Joey Jackson also weighs in on the consequences of Shellie's admission of guilt.

"It started out as a felony but based on her life and wanting to become a nurse, they said let's be reasonable, we'll give her the misdemeanor and probation. She's on probation for a year and is allowed to persue her nursing degree.  She also has to do 100 hours of community service."


The show reached out to George Zimmerman's attorney for comment but we haven't heard back yet.

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August 29th, 2013
12:57 PM ET

Doctor's Told Harper She Had Three Months to Live

Actress Valerie Harper, 73, was told she had three months to live when doctors diagnosed her with a rare form of brain cancer in March.  Now, not only is Harper still alive, celebrity news site TMZ says the beloved comedian will be on the next  "Dancing With the Stars."

CNN's Nischelle Turner reports. 

At a recent press event, Harper addressed her longevity beyond the medical expectations saying, "No doctor in the world can say.. 3 months 6 months… they can say that's what our experience is but every case is different and in some cases it's 5 years."

ABC representatives say they don't comment on show casting rumors, and we've reached out to actress for comment but haven't heard back yet. 

Dr. Jennifer Caudle, a family physician, came on the show to talk about the unique aspects of this cancer, saying "it spreads to the outer coating of the brain and into the spinal cord."

To hear more specifics about the medical condition, WATCH HERE:

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August 29th, 2013
12:06 PM ET

Grandmother of Florida Boy Beaten on Bus Speaks Out

As three teenage boys charged with beating another thirteen-year-old student on their school bus in Gulfport, Florida, will appear in court again Thursday, CNN's Pamela Brown speaks with the victim's grandmother for her response to the case.

Police say the victim told a school employee the teens had tried to sell him drugs. Later that day his grandmother, Patricia Yankey, says the boys relentlessly taunted him on the bus before attacking him.

She says, "To hear him saying 'Stop, Stop.' Oh, it breaks my heart."

The shaken woman says she wants to know that the three defendants understand the gravity of their actions.

"Those children, for lack of a better term, have to realize that they could be up on murder charges right now," Yankey says. "They could have killed him."

One of the defendant's fathers also spoke to Brown to defend himself and the actions of his son.

"I would like to just apologize to the young man and his family," the father says. "From my heart, for my son 'cause I know I ain't raise him like that."

If you'd like to have a personal impact and help the family of the beating victim directly, an official account has been set up for contributions.

Donations can be made in Patricia Yankey's name, as her grandson's legal guardian, at any Suntrust Bank to account number: 1000 163 788 291.

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Tennis Sensation Victoria Duval Dreams "To Win All Four Grand Slams"
Victoria Duval of the US returns against Samantha Stosur of Australia during their 2013 U.S. Open women's singles match, August 27 , 2013. TIMOTHY CLARY/AFP/Getty Images
August 29th, 2013
11:08 AM ET

Tennis Sensation Victoria Duval Dreams "To Win All Four Grand Slams"

After pulling a major upset in her first-round match against 2011 champion Samantha Stosur at the U.S. Open, 17-year-old Haitian tennis player Victoria Duval speaks to CNN's Michaela Pereira about her journey, victory and aspirations.

The tennis star says as a child she “wanted to be a ballerina,” but she picked up her first racket at the age of seven. And now, presently ranked at 296th in the world, her dream is “to win all four grand slams and be an accomplished tennis player.”

The road to victory, however, hasn't been easy for Duval.

Periera reports as a young child, Duval and several family members were held hostage at gunpoint during a robbery in Haiti. Then in 2010, her father, Jean Maurice, a physician, was in Port-Au-Prince when the earthquake struck. Badly injured,  the brave man dug himself out of the rubble.

The teen says, “We’ve experienced quite a lot. Just having the hard work pay off on such a big stage. I was just glad that God gave me that opportunity.”

Does she remember hearing her family cheering for her in the stands when she won?

Duval says no, “because the whole crowd was going nuts. The crowd just blurred them out.”

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