August 29th, 2013
02:00 PM ET

Too Hot for School?

A brutal heatwave is still sitting over the Midwest and more school are closing down as a result, CNN's Indra Petersons reports. It's been 3 days of near record-breaking temperatures in parts of Minnesota, with temperatures not dipping below the 90s. It was a burning 92 degrees yesterday, but felt like it was past the 100 degree mark. (WATCH VIDEO)

midwest heat

Here is a breakdown of weather occurring across the US:

Midwest heat

  • Des Moines, IA has the excessive heat warning today and tomorrow for highs in the upper 90’s
    • Record today and tomorrow is 99° and it could be broken on Friday
    • Heat advisories for Iowa, southern Minnesota and eastern South Dakota
    • Highs are 10° to 15° above normal today
    • The most impactful temperature drop is mostly from Saturday to Sunday as a cold front moves through

Severe storms

  • Hail and damaging winds the biggest threat today for northern Minnesota and west to central Wisconsin
  • Tomorrow, no large severe but showers move through the Great Lakes tomorrow

Northwest showers

  • Some showers moving ahead of trough off the coast
  • Friday and Saturday, high pressure builds in and dries the region

Southwest scattered showers

  • Monsoon moisture brings more rain to the Southwest
  • Flash flood watches are out for parts of California and New Mexico
  • Scattered showers are forecasted to last into Saturday


  • In the Pacific, Tropical Storm Juliette is moving along the west coast of Baja California
    • Max wind 50 mph, forecasted to weaken to a tropical depression tonight or early tomorrow and a remnant low Friday
    • Moving NW at 22 mph, forecasted to slow and turn NW in the next few days
      • Center moves along and near the coast of Baja California through this evening
      • 1-3” rainfall is forecasted for southern portions of the peninsula
      • In the Atlantic, the tropics are quiet for the next 2 days
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August 29th, 2013
01:56 PM ET

6-Yr-Old Trapped in Sand Dune for Hours Thanks Rescuers

A boy who spent three hours trapped in a sand dune under 11 feet. of earth joins his parents in Indiana to thank the men and women who searched tirelessly for him.

Six-year-old Nathan Woessner and his parents call it a miracle,  CNN's George Howell reports.

At the ceremony, recorded by CNN affiliate WSBT, Faith Woessner expresses her gratitude and says, "We will always be so grateful for what you did. And you will always be our heroes."

The dramatic rescue played out July 12th at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. A 911 call reveals a frantic witness.

"Yeah we had a kid that fell in the hole at Mt. Baldy."

The dispatcher responds quickly, "We have everybody on the way."

Officer Greg Radiger was first to arrive on the scene and tells Howell about the obstacles the rescuers faced and even, at one point, they thought the boy was dead.

"It was so hard to dig in the sand. It was collapsing right on top of us. It was coming down on us. It was one step forward, and 10 steps back with the sand....When we pulled Nathan out of the hole, it was a limp body."

The boy was taken to the hospital and despite the odds, survived to thank his saviors.

Greg Woessner, Nathan's dad, says, "I don't know if we could ever express what feelings, or emotions, or the love we have for everyone that was there and had a role to play in this. Because thank you, just doesn't seem like enough."

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August 29th, 2013
01:51 PM ET

Fast Food Workers to Strike in 50 Cities

Retailers and fast-food chains are bracing for strikes in 50 cities today. Workers say they can't afford to live on what they are getting paid and they want the right to form unions.

Fast food workers currently make around $9 an hour, or just over $18,500 a year, which is below the national poverty level of $23,000 for a family of four. They want $15 dollars an hour, double the federal minimum wage of $7.25, CNN's Christine Romans reports.

The restaurants, in turn, feel their wages are fair.

The National Restaurant Association tells CNN: "These jobs teach valuable skills and a strong work ethic that are useful for workers throughout their professional careers."

In addition, retail workers are also joining the food fight. Some employees from Macy's, Dollar Tree, and Sears are also expected to walk off the job today.

Stick with as the story continues to develop throughout the day.

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August 29th, 2013
01:38 PM ET

Jury Recommends Death for Nidal Hasan

A death sentence for the man who's admitted to a deadly attack at Fort Hood, that is the recommendation of a military jury after convicting Nidal Hasan for killing thirteen and wounding thirty-two in the brutal 2009 massacre.

Hasan sat unfazed as a military jury sentenced him to death. The Islamic radical Army psychiatrist might see the death penalty as a twisted path to martyrdom.  But prosecutors said Hasan "will never be a martyr because he has nothing to give," CNN's Ed Lavandera reports.

The wife and daughters of Michael Cahill, one of the victims, sat through nearly 4 weeks of excruciating testimony. They heard the gruesome details of how Cahill, a retired Army veteran, came within a few feet of stopping Hasan with a chair, and was shot 6 times, the fatal shot piercing his neck.

Hasan will now be transferred to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  His case will start winding its way through the complex military justice system appeals process. Ultimately, the President must sign off on Hasan's execution, but that step could take years.




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