August 21st, 2013
01:17 PM ET

Dr. Oz to the Rescue

He doesn't just play a doctor on TV. 

Dr. Mehmet Oz was one of the first reponders to help a British tourist and a cyclist  on a busy street in Manhattan on Tuesday morning after a taxi jumped a curb and struck two people.

CNN's Nischelle Turner reports.

Oz's rep says the host was getting ready for a shoot about a block from the accident when he and his team heard emergency vehicles rushing to the scene. By the time they arrived, paramedics were already on the scene assisting the injured tourist.

The famous surgeon was quick to try to divert the attention to another Good Samaritan who also jumped in to help.

"David Justino, a plumber from New York, took action, removing his belt and using it as a tourniquet," Oz said in a Facebook post. "My prayers are with the victim for a speedy recovery." He posted a photo of himself and Justino to the site.

According to New York City police, the British tourist was struck by the car and her right leg was severed above her foot and below the knee.  She was sent to Bellevue Hospital where she's undergoing surgery to try to reattach her right leg.

See the video above.

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August 21st, 2013
12:48 PM ET

60-Year-Old Man Shot in His Driveway

Roy Middleton says Escambia County, Florida, police shot him fifteen times while he was in his driveway and handcuffed him while he thought he was dying.  CNN's Nick Valencia interviewed the sixty-year-old about the ordeal.

Sheriff David Morgan claims a witness suspected Middleton was involved in a car burglary. He says as the officers approached the man, the older gentleman made "hurky jerky" movements and lunged at the officers." 

Middleton denies that version of events. 

"Why would I lunge at someone halfway down my driveway? How I'm going to lunge at them? With what? I was getting ready to do what they asked me. Raise my hands, and I got shot during that."

Get more details about the story here.

Watch the video above and see who you believe.

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August 21st, 2013
12:43 PM ET

Shocker: Change Your Bad Behaviors, Lose Weight

The Journal of the American Medical Association released what its calling a "controversial editorial,"  targeting fad diets and claiming they don’t work.

It argues that the only way to lose weight substantially is by changing overall behavior.

Dr. Roshini Raj, a physician at NYU Medical Center and Contributing Medical Editor to Health Magazine, explains that the point of the article is not to dissuade readers from dieting.

She says the article urges people focus on “the behavior that goes along with our patterns of exercise and eating,” and making a “lifestyle modification.”

Dr. Raj says behavior modification methods like counseling with a nutritionist or a dietician or checking in with support groups have been shown to help with dramatic weight loss.

“The diets, any particular diet, whether it’s high protein or low carb hasn't really shown sustained big benefits,” Dr. Raj says.

“That's why this article is coming out, saying we really need to focus our resources and attention more on a holistic change in behavior, not just what we’re eating.”

Dr. Raj offers advice with the following example: If you have a tub of ice cream in the freezer, are you someone who eats it in two days or two weeks?

“It's not that the ice cream is the problem. “It's how you're eating it,” Dr. Raj says.

“Focus on that, talk to your nutritionist, to your doctor, get some support and take a holistic approach.”

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August 21st, 2013
11:39 AM ET

You Call That Oreo a 'Double Stuf'?

If you've got a sweet tooth for Oreos than this story is for you.  CNN's Michaela Pereira got the scoop on the 'stuf.'

Dan Anderson, a high school math teacher in upstate New York, assigned his students to find out just how much cream filling is in the Double and Mega Stuf Oreos.

Those scholarly kids discovered the black-and -white cookies that we love so much are not all they're stuffed up to be.

According to their calculations, the Double Stuf was only 1.86 times the size of regular Oreos while the Mega Oreos were 2.68 times the original.


Watch the video to find out what this all means.

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