August 16th, 2013
11:48 AM ET

16th Woman Accuses San Diego Mayor

Sixteen women have now come forward with allegations of harassment against San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

A senior citizen is the latest to accuse the embattled mayor, saying Filner made unwanted advances toward her on a near daily-basis, and now she's adding her voice to the growing chorus of people calling for his resignation.

“Walking slowly, assisted by a cane, 67-year-old great-grandmother Peggy Shannon says Mayor Bob Filner harassed her for months on the job,” CNN's Kyung Lah reports, “stopping by her desk at the Senior Citizens Services Center in the lobby of City Hall.”

“Mayor Filner, I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother," Shannon said in a statement. "I have three sons, four grandsons and two great-grandsons. As our mayor you should be, but are not a role model for any of them.”

“Pressure is building to find a way to oust a mayor who doesn’t want to budge,” Lah says.

Leading an internal investigation on Filner is San Diego city attorney Jan Goldsmith, who says he may have found a way.

The city’s charter includes a section saying it may fire city officers for unauthorized use of city money.

“CNN obtained the mayor's credit card statement showing charges at a San Diego hotel, restaurants, that are, indeed, says the city attorney, personal expenses,” Lah reports.

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August 16th, 2013
11:41 AM ET

Kiss Among Owners of New Arena Football Team

In today's edition of the "Award of the Day" – What is the one thing missing in football? Makeup. Definitely not enough makeup, CNN's John Berman reports. Now that is about to change...

The newest team in the arena football league? The LA KIss! That's right, Kiss – led by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons – are among the new owners of this new team

It is unclear at this point of the players will be asked to wear armor and spandex instead of pads.

To present the "Already way better than the Jets" Award.

Also, a fun fact: Over the last 40 years, Kiss has the same number of Super Bowl as the Jets.

kiss arena

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August 16th, 2013
11:26 AM ET

Debbie Rowe Breaks Down on Stand

It was an emotional day on the stand for Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe yesterday.

Rowe testified for a second day in the Jackson family's wrongful death lawsuit, breaking down as she described her ex-husband’s habits when they were together, and her 15-year-old daughter's recent suicide attempt.

“Rowe mesmerized jurors talking about her life with the king of pop, including his journey into addiction, which she said started after this horrific accident in 1984 that burned Michael Jackson's scalp,” reports CNN’s Ted Rowlands. (WATCH TOP VIDEO)

“Munich is where Rowe testified she saw doctors administer doses of propofol to induce Jackson's sleep— the drug that eventually killed him.”

Rowe testified that “she told her boss, Jackson's dermatologist Arnie Klein, that she was worried that Jackson was addicted to Propofol.”

AEG Attorney Marvin Putnam says this testimony helped establish their case. The concert promoter is trying to prove that Jackson had a long history with prescription drug abuse.

“She let everyone know that people in Michael's life were worried about his propofol use as early as the late 80, early nineties,” Putnam says.

Criminal defense attorney, and Michael Jackson's former attorney, Tom Mesereau, disagrees and believes Rowe’s powerful testimony ended up helping the plaintiffs.

“I think she added a lot to the plaintiff's claim that AEG had every reason to know that he needed the right doctor to deal with these prescription drug issues.” (WATCH VIDEO)

The most striking moment in the courtroom yesterday was when Rowe spoke about how Jackson’s death affected their children, Paris Jackson in particular.

“"She's devastated, she tried to kill herself,” Rowe said. “She doesn’t feel she has a life anymore."

Mesereau believes the reference to Paris’s recent suicide attempt drew attention to the gravity of the loss of Michael Jackson to his children, who are suing along with their grandmother.

“I think in the end the jury will find that AEG assumed responsibility for Michael's physician, Conrad Murray,” Mesereau says.

“They had obligations to supervise him properly and failed to do so, and I think Debbie emphasized the tragic loss through these series of events.”

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August 16th, 2013
10:59 AM ET

Hannah Anderson's Public Appearance – Is it Healthy?

Teenage kidnapping survivor Hannah Anderson was spotted making her first public appearance since her dramatic rescue last Saturday.

The 16-year-old surprised those attending a fundraiser for her family at the Boll Weevil Restaurant in Lakeside, California.

"This night was an unexpected reunion honestly,” her cousin Brandon Fambrough says. “All her friends were here… It was like we haven't skipped a beat."

“Wearing ‘Hannah Strong’ and ‘Pray for Hannah’ T-shirts, neighbors, friends and the teenager's grandparents helped raise money for Anderson's mother and brother's funeral,” CNN’s Casey Wian reports. (WATCH TOP VIDEO)

Raffle ticket sales, cash donations and 20 percent of the restaurant's sales were all donated to the Anderson family, in hopes to help Hannah adjust after her ordeal.

"I wanted to say thank you all for coming,” Hannah’s father Brett Anderson told the crowd. “This is a small community that we're a part of, and the community came together putting on this great fundraiser for Hannah, and hopefully her future and healing."

Hannah’s public appearance comes not long after she fielded questions from strangers about the abduction on social media and posted photos on Instagram, leading to questions about whether her apparent return to normal life is helping or hurting her healing process.

“I actually think it’s healthy and a sign of ego strength,” Psychotherapist Robi Ludwig says.” (WATCH VIDEO)

“I think it’s really smart of her talk, to try to put what happened to her in perspective. And the way 16-year-olds do that is they turn to social media.”

Ludwig believes Hannah is getting the support system she needs by engaging in social media. She says it could also be the case that her trauma may be delayed.

“This is a girl who’s probably in denial and shock,” Ludwig says. “What has happened to her probably doesn't even feel real yet, and that really, her grieving might take place down the road.”

Ludwig also urges that viewers and the media not judge Hannah and other trauma victims as those who should be isolated.

“They're not crying in a corner necessarily, and it doesn't mean they're not struggling.”

Hannah’s friends Kylah Hayes and Alyssa Haugum, who were at the fundraiser with Hannah last night, appeared exclusively on “New Day” and related similar sentiments. (WATCH VIDEO)

“I don't really know how she is,” Hayes says. “But from what she looks like, she's doing great, like normal Hannah.”

Haugum thinks her friend is “acting strong” for her everyone else.

“And I think that's more of just for her appearance,” Haugum says. “But I could tell that there's something inside of her that's upset.”

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