July 26th, 2013
10:47 AM ET

Weiner Scandal Grows, Sydney Leathers Speaks

The woman now at the center of the Anthony Weiner scandal says the best description of the former congressman is one he offered to her himself.

"That he was an argumentative, perpetually horny middle aged man."

In an interview with "Inside Edition," Sydney Leathers spoke candidly about her sexually suggestive relationship online and over the phone with Anthony Weiner last summer, a year after he resigned from Congress.

"He was making these campaign promises that he had totally changed and he was a better man and he learned from his mistakes," says Leathers. "... and I am proof that is not true."

Weiner, with his wife by his side, admitted Tuesday to a new round of lewd exchanges with women after he got caught and left office. On Thursday, for the first time, he put a number on the total.

"I don't believe I had any more than three," he says. As far as all together, "It's not dozens and dozens, it is 6 to 10, I suppose, but I can't tell you exactly what someone else is going to consider inappropriate or not."

When he launched is mayoral campaign, Weiner raised the possibility that other women may come forward. He now says it is behind him, but does not consider it an addition.

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July 26th, 2013
09:36 AM ET

Hugh Jackman Returns as the Wolverine

If there's a Renaissance man in Hollywood—Hugh Jackman is him. There are few people comfortable in the roll of song and dance man as they are as an action hero, but Jackman may be the best of them.

And Jackman pulls his claws back out to prove it in "The Wolverine."

It's a familiar role to the Tony winner and Oscar nominee, who has played the Marvel superhero six times.

But for him, it doesn’t get old. Just more challenging. And he says he’s enjoying it more than ever.

“I don't understand why you would want to go and do it if you don't want to be better in every way, acting wise, the character, the story,” Jackman says about returning to play the super mutant.

“And the physicality is such a big part of it. I can't just go, ‘Let's do what we did last time.’ That's not in my DNA.”

“New Day’ anchor Chris Cuomo asks Jackman what he does to tap into the darkness required for this role.

“I do little triggers,” he explains.

“First of all it's important to understand that everything comes from some kind of pain or some kind of trauma. I think that's what makes X-Men and this character enduring, is that he's not just an angry with claws. He's actually conflicted and complex. So as an actor I'm looking for…what makes him dark, what kind of pain he has had to endure over so many years, and that's where I base the character.”

To feel like the Wolverine, Jackman says he takes a cold shower first thing in the morning.

“That immediately just puts me in a bad mood. Really bad mood,” Jackman says. “This guy lives in a bad mood.”

Jackman says the character of the Wolverine also requires a great deal of physical dedication, and more from him than it did in the past.

“I want him to look frightening. I want him to look visceral,” Jackman says. “He's got this battle of the animalistic side to him and the controlling side and that's where he lives, so the physicality has to show that.”


For a moment, Jackman channels Wolverine to answer the following questions as the superhero:

Q. Would you rather have dinner with Storm or Rogue?

A. Hmm, I’m gonna get in trouble. I’ll say Storm…You do whatever you can with Halle Berry.

Q. Beer with Gambit, Nightcrawler or Cyclops?

A. Gambit

Q. Wolverine’s favorite meal?

A. Hah…That’s a good question. It’s just alcohol…and maybe ribs.

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July 26th, 2013
09:19 AM ET

Spain Train Crash Survivor: Thought Speed "Might Have Been an Error"

After fighting off and surviving cancer four years ago, 18-year-old Stephen Ward, a Mormon missionary from Utah, survived the deadly train crash in northern Spain. Ward recounts the harrowing experience on "New Day."

“My condition is improving quickly, and I have nothing that is going to be permanent or is going to not heal on its own,” he says.

“I was writing in my journal, I kind of looked up and saw the speed and thought ‘oh that’s funny,’ I thought it might have been an error or something,” Ward says. “We went around a sharp turn and all of the sudden you can tell one set of wheels left the rails…. No one got super scared about it…. And after one or two seconds you could feel us leave the other set of tracks and the whole train rotated about 90 degrees. I blacked out before we hit the ground, which was very lucky for me, and the next thing I knew they were helping me out.”

When CNN's Chris Cuomo asks Ward what he saw when he came out of the blackout, Ward responds, “The train had fallen into a ditch where I was and they helped me up and off to the side…. I was one of the first people they helped out. They were helping other people out. There was screaming, there were bodies, there was smoke.”

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July 26th, 2013
08:57 AM ET

Second Zimmerman Juror Speaks: 'I felt I let a lot of people down'

The second juror to come forward in the George Zimmerman trial is not only speaking out, but is also showing her face. In an interview with ABC News, Juror B29 talked about her feelings on the not guilty verdict that cleared Zimmerman of second degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, and why she feels she owes Trayvon's parents an apology.

"George Zimmerman got away with murder, but you can't get away from God," says Juror B29, going by the name of Maddy, on ABC's "Nightline."

Anguished and apologetic, Juror B29 told ABC News' Robin Roberts that she favored convicting George Zimmerman of second degree murder.

"I'm the only minority and I felt I let a lot of people down..." says Juror B29. "...I was the juror that was going to give them the hung jury. I fought till the end."

Maddy says it was the all-female jury's interpretation of the law that ultimately led them to acquitting Zimmerman.

"For myself, he's guilty because the evidence shows he's guilty," she says.  "... but as the law was read to me if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can't say he's guilty."

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