"New Day" Wrap Up – 7/9/13
John Berman, Kate Bolduan, Chris Cuomo & Michaela Pereira on the 'New Day' set
July 9th, 2013
03:42 PM ET
July 9th, 2013
11:33 AM ET

Royal Baby's Title After Birth

Could this be the day?

Royal baby watchers are holding their breath this morning in anticipation for the birth of the future queen or king of England.

Max Foster has the royal scoop live from London.

“They’re just keeping that due-date absolutely secret,” Foster says. “All of the betting, though, is on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.”

But there is new information on the royal baby’s possible title, though the name will not be revealed until after the birth.

"So once you have the name, for example, if it’s a girl, if it’s Charlotte,” Foster says, “the title will be 'Her Royal Highness, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.'”

Foster also has details on all the baby products hitting the shelves as businesses commemorate the occassion.

Children's tableware, a royal guardsman outfit, bibs with the words "I love my Uncle Harry" and "I love my Auntie Pippa" are among them, but the most extraordinary piece–"a potty with royal credentials."

Follow along at CNN.com for your complete coverage of Britain's royal baby.

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July 9th, 2013
11:15 AM ET

How to Stay Safe in the Skies

In the aftermath of the Asiana Airlines crash, many people are likely wondering how to stay safe in the event of a plane crash.

Fortunately, recent technological advances may help prevent the worst.

As John Berman explains, there’s a reason most passengers escaped unharmed Flight 214: Major equipment upgrades to planes like the Boeing 777.

“Aviation experts credit fire proof materials in the cabin with preventing it from immediately catching fire,” Berman reports.

“Improved exits and evacuation slides helped passengers evacuate within 90 seconds. And more secure seats kept buckled-up passengers anchored.”

However, according to experts, “surviving a crash also relies on the human factor,” Berman says.

He explains the other ways to raise your chances of survival: Keeping your seat belt fastened before landing and bracing for impact.

“Ninety five percent of crashes happen on take-off and landing,” Berman says, “so experts say passengers need to stay alert during those crucial moments,” and keep your seat belt buckled throughout the flight.

Go to CNN.com to learn 10 things to know for a safe flight

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July 9th, 2013
11:13 AM ET

Death Toll Rises After Train Explosion

People are just coming to terms with the devastation as the death toll rises in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, the Canadian town that was partially leveled when a runaway train carrying crude oil exploded over the weekend. Thirteen people are confirmed dead and dozens are missing.

CNN's Paula Newton is covering the story from the crash site.

Local officials have been blunt about what this kind of explosion would have meant for victims and warned the death toll would rise, reports Newton.

For those that are missing, forensic specialist asked victims' families for hair samples, clothing, anything to help identify loved ones.

"The homes here are always very very close to the tracks, it's always been that way," reports Newton on the trains. "Usually they're travelling between 5 and 10 miles and hour, on that night, this train was going at least between 30 and 40 miles an hour."

Police say they aren't ruling anything out, including sabotage. The big question now though – in Canada and in the U.S. – is transporting crude oil safe?

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