July 4th, 2013
11:07 AM ET

Toledo Sinkhole Swallows Car

Imagine driving and getting trapped inside a sinkhole.

That terrifying scenario was all too real for one woman in Toledo.

Sixty-year-old Pamela Knox and her car were swallowed by a sinkhole suddenly opening up in the middle of a busy street.

Police and fire crews had to use a crane and a ladder to rescue her. It took four hours.

“Slowly she was able to work her way out, to safety,” CNN’s Zain Asher reports. “Knox was surprisingly not hurt in the accident, but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.”

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July 4th, 2013
10:51 AM ET

Coney Island, Still Recovering

“New Day” is celebrating the Fourth of July this morning with some news of progress over at New York's historic Coney Island.

Heavily damaged during Superstorm Sandy last October, many rides are up and running. But challenges remain and parts of the amusement park will be off-limits today.

CNN's Jason Carroll reports from Coney Island with details:

“They are trying but they are definitely struggling out here,” he says.

The Astro Tower may not be ready. The Wonder Wheel is shut down at this point, and as a safety precaution, so is the world famous Cyclone.

“That means a lot of these vendors may not be open in time for the holiday,” Carroll reports.

However, the 2013 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is still on and the beach is open.

“These businesses look forward to Fourth of July like Christmas in terms of business for them, so they’re encouraging everyone still to come out and enjoy the day.”

Go to CNN.com for more on Coney Island getting back to normal.

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July 4th, 2013
10:32 AM ET

Dolphins Crash in Mid-Air!

A video of two dolphins colliding in mid-air while swimming behind a boat is going viral.

Co-anchor Kate Bolduan has a theory that the dolphins did it on purpose, "I think that was intentional. I think that was a trick move," she says.

Co-anchor Chris Cuomo's response?

"... he did it on porpoise."

Ha ha haaa

What do you think, trick dolphins or an accident? Leave us a comment.

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July 4th, 2013
10:11 AM ET

New Evidence Seized in Hernandez Murder Investigation

A 37 page search warrant released Wednesday might pile on evidence against former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez, CNN's John Berman reports. Evidence not found in his multi-million dollar estate, but in a two-bedroom apartment in Franklin, MA.

The documents reveal they found the following:

  • A "white-hooded sweatshirt" that matches the one Hernandez was seen wearing in surveillance video the night of the homicide
  • Blue and cranberry colored baseball cap Hernandez was reportedly wearing outside a nightclub
  • 3 different calibers of ammunition in a bedroom nightstand
  • Valet ticket from hotel in walking distance from the club where Hernandez was reportedly seen Friday before the incident

We have reached out to his attorney for comment, according to Berman.

Read more on CNN.com.

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