July 2nd, 2013
07:16 AM ET

Jury Hears Zimmerman in His Own Words to Police

Yesterday may have been the biggest day in the George Zimmerman Trial to date. Why? Because the jury got to hear Zimmerman's own words for the first time as prosecutors played his police interviews in court. The prosecution focused on inconsistencies in his story, but it was also a another day of strong cross-examination for the defense.

The question is, did playing the interviews pay off? Watch video above.

CNN's George Howell is live in Sanford, Florida this morning with ongoing updates from the stand.


Want a better understanding of what these developments mean? Chris Cuomo, Vinnie Politan and Danny Cevallos break it down:

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  1. Name*Robert

    Is there any chance we'll hear of Trayvon's right to stand his ground thinking he was about to be killed... and he was right. Didn't he have a right to grab the gun or fight off his attacker?

    July 3, 2013 at 5:07 pm | Reply
  2. Tracey Caplin


    July 3, 2013 at 2:56 am | Reply
  3. Andrea Parker

    Second there are gangs I'm sure. So Trayvon wouldn't have came back to someone running after him because he don't know if that person is in a gang and if more of that person gang friends are going to run up on him. So why would Trayvon go after Zimmerman.Zimmerman was trying to keep up with Trayvon's whereabouts for the cops so he definitely pursued Trayvon that means he ran after Trayvon. to prove a point to the cops that there are criminals and for them to give a reward or something for being MR HERO, which he wasn't.I believe somewhere in Zimmerman's younger life he has felt underachieved and wanted to finally achieve something great and prove he is somebody special. Low self-esteem and insecurity will make you do stupid stuff.He wasn't popular in school so he finally want to be somebody great when he got older. Trying to play hero but ending up killing an innocent child.#JUSTICE4TRAYVON. Jury please make the right decision. This is unfair. It has nothing to do with race it has something to do with Zimmerman wanting to play like he know everything and play like he's a cop when he's not.

    July 2, 2013 at 9:22 am | Reply
  4. Andrea Parker

    What I wanted to say is please give this to the Prosecution to realize this and say this.
    How could Trayvon Martin jump out the bushes and attack Zimmerman when any person
    ,especially a child, with common sense is not going go back and attack someone who is following them when they don’t know if that person has a weapon or not. Second if Trayvon did come back after Zimmerman, Zimmerman could have easily said at any time this is neighborhood watch could you tell me what you’re doing out here I have already contacted the police? That would have cut out a lot of assumptions from Zimmerman because I’m sure Trayvon would have said, “I live around here my father lives over there (pointing where he lives) and I was just coming back from the store getting me something to snack on”. Because neither one of those things happened I believe Zimmerman assumed Trayvon was a criminal and decided to play cop instead of doing what the 911 operator told him to do. It just is very stupid for you to get out of the car in the first place. If Trayvon had a gun and if he was a so called criminal and Zimmerman came after him that criminal would have pulled out their gun right then and it would have been gun fighting more. Common sense should have kicked in Zimmerman’s mind thinking this person is running from me then this personally definitely doesn’t have a gun because a real criminal wouldn’t have ran they would have fired at him with a gun and there would have been gunfire exchanges from that criminal and Zimmerman. Zimmerman knew this young man didn’t have a gun so why bring a gun to a hand fight? Even if the young man did grab it he should have shot him in the leg or foot instead of the chest area. I think Zimmerman ran up on this boy and he was expecting this boy to not fight for his life but this boy was trying to be tough and fight for his life because that’s all he had. That’s all he knew to do. Zimmerman did think this young man had a gun but this boy only had skittles and a tea so therefore when this boy never pulled out his gun Zimmerman should have known maybe he’s running after the wrong person. COMMON SENSE ZIMMERMAN BUT YOU WANT TO PLAY SUPERHERO SO BAD YOU KILLED AN INNOCENT CHILD. HE DEFINITELY SHOULD GET AT LEAST 30 OR MORE YEARS IF NOT LIFE IN PRISON. HE HAS TO GET MORE THAN 10 TO 20 YEARS BECAUSE HE WAS TRYING TO PLAY ROBOCOP AND THIS SHOULD TEACH HIM AND OTHERS TO STOP TRYING TO PLAY ROBOCOP!

    July 2, 2013 at 9:08 am | Reply

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