June 10th, 2013
12:16 PM ET

Kate Bolduan on growing up in Midwest and bringing "a different perspective"

Before "New Day" starts June 17, you can find web videos featuring our show hosts and much more right here on NewDayCNN.com. In the latest in our "Before The New Day" series, Kate Bolduan talks about growing up in Indiana. "I become more Midwestern as I move to New York and go into the bigger city," says Bolduan. "I love being from the Midwest, I love getting back to the Midwest."

Bolduan says she brings that experience to her work. "There's a lot of the United States that don't live in the Northeast, and have a very different mentality and have a lot of different things that they care about," she says. "That's my big gut check – when I can go back to Indiana, talk to my family, talk to my friends, and you realize there's a different perspective, and that is something I always try to bring to my job."

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