June 3rd, 2013
11:40 AM ET

Kate Bolduan on her busy first day at CNN and "mentor" Wolf Blitzer

Before "New Day" starts June 17, you can find web videos featuring our show hosts and much more right here on NewDayCNN.com. In this first video in our "Before The New Day" series, host Kate Bolduan talks about her first day as a reporter for CNN – which happened to be the day the Minneapolis bridge collapsed.

"They said, 'welcome to CNN, get on a plane,'" says Bolduan, recalling the 2007 experience. "I did some 47 live shots on my first day."

Bolduan also talked about CNN D.C. anchor Wolf Blitzer, who she co-anchored with on "The Situation Room" before starting at "New Day." "Wolf and I have been friends for years before we...started co-anchoring together. He's absolutely been my mentor and my biggest supporter," says Bolduan. "He knows Washington in and out and he's a wonderful anchor. He knows how to run a team."

Check back for more "Behind The New Day" web videos all this week.

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