November 4th, 2014
11:18 AM ET

7 Things That Will Almost Definitely Happen on Election Night

Happy Election Day, America. Things have changed since the last time everyone went to the polls. Then, Barack Obama was re-elected to a second four-year term. Now, he's been largely benched by his party, spending less time on the campaign trail than his much more popular wife, first lady Michelle Obama, former president Bill Clinton and potential future presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Midterm elections are more local affairs and the issues vary from contest to contest.

But midterms have national consequences, and what happens Tuesday will help determine what President Obama can get done in his final two years in office. It will tee up the coming 2016 presidential contest and give Americans the chance to try on a more powerful GOP as they start to think about who should be the next president.

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But first comes Tuesday and here is what's going to happen:

#1 – There will be a surprise - Something we're listing below won't end up happening. This is an election and it isn't over yet. Voters are fickle and polls aren't perfect and predictions are even less so. So tune in to CNN Politics all day and night Tuesday. We will be here and it will be exciting.


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September 22nd, 2014
11:29 AM ET

Chelsea Clinton Baby Watch: What We Know

Here's what we do know about next week: Bill and Hillary Clinton will kick off the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York on September 21.

Here's what we don't know: will they be grandparents yet?

Why are we asking right now?

America first learned that Chelsea was pregnant while she shared the stage with her mother during a women's event in New York back in April.

The former first family has not disclosed the due date. But if you assume she waited the standard three months to share her news ... three plus April, May, June, July, August ... that makes September the ninth month.

Plus, when she was speaking at another women's event in Washington on Friday, Hillary Clinton tried to excite Democrats about voting in November with this pitch:

"Now I've been thinking a lot about family because you know I'm on 'grandbaby watch' and I think a lot about this new member of our family and what he or she can look forward to," she said.

"And I am well aware that we will do everything possible to prepare this child, to protect this child. But I want that for everybody's child and everybody's grandchild. I want every one of our children to feel that they are inheriting the best of America, that they have the chance to do what I believed was possible for me and what my husband believed was possible for him and what we instilled in our daughter that really this country is on your side.

"This country will give you the fighting chance, the fair show you deserves to have. This country will give you the level playing field. So whether you're the grandchild of a president, or the grandchild of a janitor, whether you're born in a city or in a small rural village - No matter who you are, you have the right to inherit the American dream."

On September 8, Bill Clinton was on stage and interrupted an appearance he was making with former President George W. Bush to answer a phone that was in his pocket. His eyes got big when he looked at the caller ID and he said, "Only two people in the world have this number and they're both related to me. I hope I'm not being told I'm about to be made a premature grandfather."

But that wasn't the call.

He and W. Bush went on to discuss grandfatherhood. It was cute.

"Get ready also to be, like, the lowest person in the pecking order in your family," Bush told Clinton.

Chelsea Clinton also recently alluded to the advanced stage of her pregnancy during an interview with the online magazine Refinery29 - she was plugging a new line of clothes meant to raise awareness about endangered elephants - where she talked about her own current clothing choices.

"You're asking someone who is very pregnant. In the here and now, [I wear] anything that fits over my belly. Increasingly, that's my husband's T-shirts or button-down shirts," she said.

"So, the honest answer in the here and now is a different answer than it would be had you asked me a few months ago, or ask me again in nine months. But, for right now, it's really my husband's shirts, because they're the only things that fit me."

So we know Chelsea is squarely in the hot zone. But we don't know much else.


Is it a boy or a girl?

We don't know.

Where will the Clinton baby be delivered?

We don't know.

But here are some potential clues: When Hillary Clinton was treated for a blood clot in 2013, she went to New York Presbyterian on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

When former president Bill Clinton underwent heart surgery ten years ago, he went to New York Presbyterian Hospital, too.

How will the nursery be decorated?

We don't know, but in that recent interview on the fashion blog, Chelsea Clinton suggested there could be an elephant theme.

What will the baby be named?

We don't know. But here are some suggestions:

First, if it's a boy, maybe consider pulling a name from one of the 44 presidents.

William could be an obvious choice. It was in the top five of new baby names, according to the Social Security Administration's annual survey.

But what about Theodore or Franklin? Those are strong names for Democrats. Probably not Barack, after that 2008 primary.

If it's a girl, the name Mila is off the table, since that's what Jenna Bush named her daughter back in 2013.

There aren't any former presidents after which to name her. At least not yet. Ahem, Grandma.

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