April 23rd, 2014
07:11 AM ET
Did Yemen, U.S. Kill al Qaeda's Chief Bomb Maker?
April 23rd, 2014
05:00 AM ET

Did Yemen, U.S. Kill al Qaeda's Chief Bomb Maker?

Officials call the attack "massive and unprecedented."

At least 65 suspected terrorists killed. Assaults from both the ground and the sky. And elite, clandestine U.S. forces joining Yemeni commandos in targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - considered al Qaeda's most dangerous affiliate.

But what would make the raid in southern Yemen most significant is if it yielded a target the Americans and the Yemenis have been looking for: Ibrahim al-Asiri, the group's chief bomb maker.

Al-Asiri is among those suspected to have been killed in the Sunday firefight, a high-level Yemeni government official told CNN. But DNA test results are not due for several days.

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April 22nd, 2014
12:47 PM ET

Crew Members Say They Couldn't Reach Lifeboats as Ferry Tipped Over

They slipped.

That's the explanation a crew member from the sunken ferry Sewol gave Tuesday for being unable to reach life rafts as the ship rolled over and began to sink.

Crew members made attempts to get to the lifeboats, the crew member said. "But we slipped so we could not do that."

The man was among four crew members who briefly answered reporters' questions outside a courtroom Tuesday following their arrest the day before on charges related to the disaster. The men appeared with their heads bowed and faces covered, making it unclear which of them was speaking.

They are among nine crew members facing charges, including the captain and two more who were arrested Tuesday.

So far, 121 people are confirmed dead and 181 remain missing nearly a week after the ferry sank, according to the South Korean Coast Guard.

The failure to deploy the lifeboats is one of a series of problems that beset those on board the sinking vessel last Wednesday.

A transcript of a radio conversation released by authorities over the weekend suggested that passengers on the ship couldn't reach lifeboats to escape because the ship tilted so quickly that it left many of them unable to move.

But the ship's captain and some crew members have come under heavy criticism, notably for the captain's decision to tell passengers to stay where they were.

In addition to the captain, two first helmsmen, one second helmsman, a third mate, the chief engineer, a technician and the two crew members arrested Tuesday face charges.


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April 22nd, 2014
12:39 PM ET

Biden to Ukraine: 'You Will Not Walk This Road Alone'

As the crisis in Ukraine shows no signs of easing, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden promised support for Ukraine and stressed that the United States won't recognize Russia's annexation of Crimea.

"Ukraine is and must remain one country," he said in Kiev on Tuesday at a news conference with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

"No nation has the right to simply grab land from another nation," Biden said. "We will never recognize Russia's illegal occupation of Crimea."

Biden called on Russia to "stop supporting men hiding behind masks and unmarked uniforms sowing unrest in eastern Ukraine." He warned of additional sanctions if such "provocative behavior" does not end.

Ukrainian and U.S. officials say they think Russian special forces are in the region and are behind efforts to seize government buildings and generally promote unrest - a claim Moscow denies.

As well as voicing solidarity with Kiev, Biden promised financial support, assistance in reducing Ukraine's dependence on Russian energy sources and nonlethal aid for security forces.

"You will not walk this road alone. We will walk it with you," Biden told Yatsenyuk.

As he spoke, the White House announced a $50 million package of assistance to help Ukraine pursue political and economic reform and strengthen its partnership with the United States.

Biden said he also expects an International Monetary Fund package for Ukraine to be finalized imminently.

The backing is likely to sit well with Ukrainian leaders struggling to keep their country afloat amid dire financial problems, the ongoing showdown with Russia over its annexation of Crimea and alleged interference in Ukraine's pro-Russian east.

Tensions remain high as pro-Russian militants show no sign of leaving occupied government buildings in eastern Ukraine despite an international deal agreed to in Geneva, Switzerland, last week.

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