September 7th, 2014
04:12 AM ET

Is Your Data Safe on the iCloud?

Even if you're not an Apple user, many companies use Apple's iCloud to store YOUR data. senior editor Bridget Carey explains how Apple is recovering from the security breach that leaked so many nude celebrity photos and explains how remote servers work.

Carey also has some fantastic suggestions on how to better protect your data that lives on remote servers.

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September 7th, 2014
03:51 AM ET

iPhone 6: Bigger, Better... Pricier?

All we know about the iPhone 6 is pure speculation. Aside from some leaked photos what could possibly reveal a bigger screen– mum's the word about this new model's capability. Brett Larson digs through the facts and tells us there's one thing we can count on– a bigger price tag.

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August 31st, 2014
03:29 AM ET

LEAKED: Are These iPhone 6 Photos Legit?


This was the once again cryptic message from Apple about an announcement that will be made on that date. Tech journalists like Jon Erlichman predict that the company will launch their marketing platform for the iPhone 6.

Chinese social media blog released what they are claiming are "leaked" photos of the newest model. Of course, CNN cannot verify their authenticity, but they have already gotten some negative responses– a much wider interface, a transparent screen– what do you think about these images? Will you be one of the thousands waiting in line for the latest model next month?

We want to hear from you– tell us on Facebook or tweet us @NewDay.

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What's Next in Michael Brown Case? Q & A with Chris Cuomo
August 26th, 2014
10:12 PM ET

What's Next in Michael Brown Case? Q & A with Chris Cuomo

The streets of Ferguson have calmed, children are heading back to school and residents are honoring Michael Brown’s family's wish for peace.

But now a legal battle looms over whether Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson was justified in shooting and killing the unarmed teenager.

Chris Cuomo hosted a Facebook chat on Tuesday to address your questions on the case.

Here are some highlights:

Q: Imarah – Guilty or not guilty, Do you not think six shoots is way overboard and also why the head or a fatal shoot, do they not teach them in the police academy ways to injure or slow down without killing? I think it should be mandatory that all police officers wear cam for both our protection and theirs as it will enable better transparency. What do u think?

A: Chris Cuomo the number of shots is a tricky part of the analysis. it always is in cases like this. the primary analysis is whether shooting was necessary at all.


Q: Anna – If officer Wilson is charged with murder, who pays the legal fees?

Keith – The police union

A: Chris Cuomo or him personally or benefactors, not the taxpayer, because the crime would be seen as not in the line of expected duty


Q: Elisabeth – I don't agree with police killing an unarmed man....however, the boy is on camera committing a crime....

A: Chris Cuomo Elisabeth – this is a natural instinct that I think fails to be helpful here. And here is why: we do not know whether the officer was responding to the robbery, and it does not seem that he was. the past therefore is only relevant as a measure of potential reaction to the actual altercation and shooting that occurred.


Attorney: New Audio Reveals Pause in Gunfire when Michael Brown was Shot

Opinion: Peace in Ferguson



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