April 24th, 2014
02:17 PM ET

Malaysia to Release MH370 Report, Prime Minister Tells CNN

Facing anger from families of Flight 370 passengers, Malaysia's Prime Minister said Thursday his government will release its preliminary report on the plane's disappearance.

In a TV exclusive, Najib Razak told CNN the report will be available to the public next week.

"I have directed an internal investigation team of experts to look at the report, and there is a likelihood that next week we could release the report," Najib said. Later in the interview with CNN aviation correspondent Richard Quest, he gave a more definitive statement, saying the report will be released next week.

Najib also discussed why he is not yet officially declaring the flight - and the 239 people on board - lost.

The report has already been sent to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the U.N. body for global aviation, but not made available to the public.

The ICAO told CNN about a safety recommendation in the report: Malaysia said the aviation world needs to look at real-time tracking of commercial aircraft. It's the same recommendation that was made after the Air France Flight 447 disaster in 2009.

Earlier Thursday, the partner of one of the passengers accused Malaysian authorities of seeming "to be choosing to treat us as if we are the enemy as opposed to an interested party in helping to solve this mystery."

"We need a fresh start here," Sarah Bajc, partner of passenger Philip Wood, said on CNN's "New Day."

"We've been sitting on opposite sides of the table. They have a briefing, they tell us what they know and we ask them questions. That's just kind of broken. I think we need to start from scratch and sit down and have a positive dialogue."

Families don't "necessarily believe" that the Malaysian authorities are "withholding any new information other than the facts that we've already asked for," she added.

A committee representing some of the Chinese families have posted 26 questions on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

Usually, such reports to the ICAO are public, Quest says.

"In most cases, the report is published because it's not a controversial document," he said. "It's a statement of facts - what happened. And if there are any controversial or difficult facts, they can be redacted."

Malaysia has insisted it has nothing to hide and is working to find answers.


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April 23rd, 2014
11:50 AM ET

Everest Avalanche: American Climber Recounts How Sherpa Saved His Life

To set foot on Mount Everest is to risk death. Mountaineering tourists and their native Nepali guides both have this on their minds, as they straddle cavernous ravines in the ice.

But nothing could have prepared American climber Jon Reiter for last week's avalanche, the deadliest accident in the history of the world's highest peak.

"We've all seen death on the mountains," he told CNN. But to see so many limp bodies hanging from cables as helicopters brought them down the mountain shocked him.

Reiter was one of the fortunate ones. His Sherpa guide Dawa shoved him behind an ice block, when the icy avalanche thundered down, killing 13 Sherpa guides Friday.

Three more Sherpas are missing and feared dead. Buddhist clergy commended all 16 souls Monday in a religious ceremony.

The search for those still missing has been suspended and it is doubtful it will resume, Nepalese officials said.


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April 22nd, 2014
12:35 PM ET

MH370: 'The Families Have Basically Lost Their Patience'

A month and a half ago - 46 days - Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished over the southern Indian Ocean.

The milestone is a somber one because it now allows attorneys to move in. There's a 45-day rule, enforced by the National Transportation Safety Board, that says American lawyers have to wait that long to reach out to a family that's lost a loved one in a plane crash.

What it means is that families can now file suit in American courts against U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing Co.

The only problem - no wreckage has been found. It's kind of like a murder case without a body.

Some relatives of those on board the missing plane said they hope legal avenues can bring new information to light.

"We don't feel we have a whole lot of other choices because we're certainly not getting any answers without (legal action)," Sarah Bajc, partner of Flight 370 passenger Philip Wood, told "New Day" on Tuesday.

The frustration among the families is that Malaysian officials give opinions, but no data, at their briefings.

Legal pressure on the Malaysian government, Bajc said, might force it to release data it holds.

Attorneys have approached families about compensation lawsuits, but Bajc said the feeling among the relatives is that they do not want to file lawsuits of that type to chase money.


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April 21st, 2014
01:03 PM ET

A Look at the "Boston Strong" Store One Year Later

For almost forty years, Marathon Sports has been a fixture of Boston.

But on April 15th, 2013, a bomb exploded right out front, and what happened next would make this place much more than a store.

Assistant Manager Kevin Dillon says within seconds the store became a makeshift emergency room and t-shirts became tourniquets.

"T-shirts that you’re looking at right now – we took them off the clothing racks and tried to wrap people up to try to stop some of the bleeding, but also just to comfort some of the people that were in that position... A lot of my colleagues were a part of that and we’re very proud to say they acted as they did on that day."

And they never stopped, reports CNN's Chris Cuomo.

What was once a store was now a symbol of resilience that captivated the nation: Boston Strong.

CNN's Chris Cuomo profiles Marathon Sports, the store that coined the phrase "Boston Strong."

CNN's Chris Cuomo profiles Marathon Sports, the store that coined the phrase "Boston Strong."

A view of the front of Marathon Sports in Boston.

A view of the front of Marathon Sports in Boston.

Chris Cuomo bought this shirt for Michaela Pereira.

Chris Cuomo bought this shirt for Michaela Pereira.


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